Bhk 250 , bhk preamp with p20 or p15

Hi ps audio I am alfredo from Puerto Rico , recent I have the privilege to hear Travis from ps audio in a conference on audio degenerate ps oficial dealer in Puerto Rico , and they demo the bhk 250 with bhk preamp, directstream dac. All with a p15 and legacy audio signature se speakers , the sound was incredible detail and big sound stage, I whant the same equipment on the demo with my legacy focus se and my directstream dac , I will buy soon the bhk250 with bhk preamp , I love what I hear on the demo with the p15 , but I am so curious is the sound stage with the p20 will be a big steps much diference in comparation with the p15 with the same set up? Uploading: 346B95CB-AA31-41EC-91E2-46130F1F5830.jpeg… Uploading: 67431A1C-6A30-43CF-A1CE-37C13BA7026D.jpeg… Uploading: 4697C02A-4D7B-41C6-AD17-DA5FFF9C68A8.jpeg… Uploading: 518465A7-3F91-4F60-B2D7-8F21662B9628.jpeg… Uploading: 4223CC36-B928-4CDB-8B52-989BE160CE01.jpeg… Uploading: 10A82762-3FDA-46E0-9401-45780E81FC29.jpeg… Uploading: BFCCED3C-62BF-4FE3-9E69-4C49F0ABB994.jpeg… Uploading: CC2620F7-17C5-4AA4-93F6-9D75381B00C9.jpeg… Uploading: 433F17F4-810E-4833-B00C-5485E15D5A40.jpeg…

I have the same setup, only the P10 instead of the P20 or P15. When I upgraded the amp’s rail fuses (there are 6 fuses in the BHK 250: 4 ‘rail’ fuses and one each for tube input stage and another for the power stage) the soundstage was WAY better. I have yet to have anyone else have the same result. (Or even try it, for that matter) So, for me, I didn’t need the upgrade from the P10 to the P15.

But it’s up to you. The P20 will certainly power everything you have and leave room for expansion in the future.


Thanks for the info , the p15 will be great fit

P20, way better!

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:slight_smile: will be the best investment

The P20 provides a significant upgrade in sound quality over the P15 and the P15 offers the same from just a straight AC socket. As each Power Plant gets bigger, more benefits to the sound are provided.

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Thanks Paul for the info I apriciated, thanks alfredo from Puerto Rico

So if you only use 500w the P20 will still sound better than the P15?


No question. The output from the P20 better no matter how much or how little current you’re pulling from it.

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Absolutely. Put another way, a DAC sounds better powered by the P20 than by a P15. It’s the low output impedance of the P20 that improves whatever is connected to it.

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I run my (mostly) PSA system from a 10KVA balanced mains unit, impedance is low.
I know about the common mode noise rejection I gain from this, would it be worth hooking up a regen unit as well?

Was going to pull the trigger a while back on a P20, but finances dictated otherwise at the time, hence balanced mains.

I borrowed a pal’s regen unit for a while (a much lesser unit, but let me monitor the voltage variations over time) and found my AC to be a pretty steady 230ish volts (Im UK based)

Tempted again for a P20, would I benefit “in the real world” as Im currently not just plugging my Kit into the wall?

(Don’t want to start a Rumpus btw :slight_smile:, I like what I have but if a regen can improve matters further…)


Does Europe and especially the Nordic countries has cleaner power than the US?
I tried the P20 and I think power cables gives a greater SQ improvement than the P20.

Though not many, there have been cases where people noted that they are better off without a power plant. e.g. I recall a guy who owned a pair of these Nagra HD AMP power amps. He was adamant that he preferred them without a power plant.

Different people / different settings = different needs

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