P15 vs P20

Are they exactly the same functionally — except for power handling capacity?

I have a P15 since May last year. I first tested a P20, but chose the P15 due to weight, and the fact I don’t need more power. The functionality is the same as far as I could see.

In my house, I wouldn’t like to be without a regenerator. It removed DC hum from the (A/B type) power amp’s transformer, and the sound became what I always hoped it could be - so much closer to what I hear in the concert halls.

The P20 tends to outperform the P15 sonically - it has an improved output stage and greater energy reserves, meaning your amp(s) will have an easier time getting the power they need.

As @Standahm1 pointed out though, there is a pretty hefty weight and size (and price) difference between the two.

Either one will do great things in your system, one will just do greater things :grin:

thanks for the advice!

would P15 provide enough current to ML 33h monoblocks?

Based on the power consumption specs I was able to find for them (around 540 watts per mono), a P15 would be an excellent fit.

great, thank you for the advice.

I should have also mentioned a DS Sr. DAC + a preamp (300 watts) + a CD transport + a bunch of low power networking stuff … would handling all of these equipment needs be still within P15 capabilities?

What Preamp do you have that consumes 300 watts? Seems quite high for a pre. The DS Sr. and CD transport are both going to be lower power consumption - in the realm of 20-50 watts each. Same for the network stuff.

I think with everything you have listed the P15 would be able to handle it, but with your pre and the other gear in mind, we’re sitting higher than I’d normally like, which means you’d have less power available for dynamic swings. Still within the realm of what the P15 is capable of, though a P20 on a 20 amp circuit will likely serve you better.

the preamp is Aesthetix Callisto MkII
I will have to give the P15 vs P20 choice further thought …
Does P20 need a stand or can it sit on a carpet?

Ah nice, great choice on pre - it definitely is a power hungry beast though.

The P20 is A-okay on carpet. Just make sure you don’t hit it with the vacuum cleaner :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going from a P12 to a P15. I decided to go P15 vs. P20 at this point due to no dedicated 20 amp circuit, and really not a need for all that power (running at about 48% on the P12 currently). I think the added headroom that the P15 will provide will be more than enough for now.

I am an upgrade junkie though…and will be moving in a couple months. Once in the new house, I plan on installing a couple of dedicated 20 amp circuits in the media room…so I am sure a P20 is on the horizon. Luckily I have a great dealer with great discounts and very attractive trade in/upgrade incentives. : )

I think underwood hifi has a good deal on a p20 right now

What was an eye opener for me when I tested the P20, was that with 4xpower amps (each 2x200@8ohm/2x400@4ohm), a HT receiver and sources, the actual consumption according to the P20’s display was only 500-700 W, even when full on with the last of the Matrix films’ loud sequences (as high a volume as my hearing could take).

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P15 has been on my radar for a while that Underwood sale sure looks tempting. Thanks for that.

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Always a fan of sharing a good deal! Hope it works out whichever product you go with, I am sure you will be happy!

Do you have a link, I don’t see any Power Plants on their specials page…? I’ve emailed them…

Give Albert a call at Precision Audio and Video. He gives awesome trade-in values.


I originally got an email on specials, never checked the actual site. Maybe he sold them

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Thanks, one of the guys called me back. I just looked, I’ve had my used P10 for one year this week. It’s still serving me perfectly. I think I’ll give the P15 and P20 some time to age.

The P10 is the real deal, I loved mine, I just sent it out for the dealer that bought mine back for the p20 today. Sad day.

Have you had the P20 long enough yet to comment on the improvements over the P10?