Sound difference?

Just curious is there any sound difference between p3 p15 to the top model p20?
Currently using p20 for my front ends , considering move the p20 to feed the power amplifiers, and purchase a smaller either p3 or 15 for my front front end , pls advise

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Hey gaswong…

Yes indeed there is a sound quality difference as you
move up P12 better than P3, P15 much better than P12
and the P20 rules…

I had a P12 and it was wonderful…but sold it to help fund
my P15…P15 in another class above P12…a more relaxed
dynamic sound stage than P12…well worth difference.

You may wish to consider the P15 to enable future expand ability
of your front ends…perhaps even your large screen tv.

I don’t think the P3 will supply all you are looking for…my .02…

Hope this helps

Best wishes


Forgot to ask…What amps are you running?

Would one P20 really not be up to the task of powering your front end as well?

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Would think the P20 could handle both the front end components and the amps, unless the amps are absolute behemoths, like MBL monoblocks.

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P20 of coz can handle the whole front end system , just want to move the p20 to the power amp , and that would be nice if I just purchase a smaller cheaper model to feed the front end but make sure not to degrade the sound


A little more infos , my set up has a very long about 6 meters xlr cable between front amp and amplifier that’s why I cannot use one p20 to feed them all

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Gee gaswong my P15 powers my entire system…

My JC5 is a bigger brute than your BHK 300s
without a glitch…JC5 pulls more current as it is
Class A first 12 watts/ channel then on out to 400 w/ch
Class AB…

I run a 3 meter xlr from my preamp to my JC5 and 2 meter
xlr from DS Dac to preamp…

Maybe because I don’t know the layout of your room…it
just seems that you have more than enough in your P20
to power your entire system and then some…

I have a full loom of Pangea power cables more than long enough
for sources to P15 and from P15 to wall socket and JC5 to P15…

You may want rethink the layout of your equipment location
with respect to the P20…

Best wishes in your journey

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Thanks for your nice infos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The music room 3 in PS Audio , one unit of p20 supplies both bhk 300 mono and each bass tower has their own p20 ? , or 2 p20 and each p20 supplies one bhk mono plus one woofer tower amplifier?

Uh. Last I checked. Paul gets his hardware at a steep discount ?? I’m not sure that should be your ‘bar’. :grinning: