BHK 250 fuses

Hi everyone!
I live in a place where mains are 220VAC so my main fuses must be 1.6A and 5A as stated by the manual. However for places where mains are 100/120VAC the fuses must be 2A and 10A, not 3.15A and 10A.
My question is: can I safely use a 1A fuse instead of the 1.6A?
By the way, what are the 10A glass fuses for?
Thanks in advance.

You can use a smaller fuse than that specified, but it may fail more often.

Why not use the specified value?

Thanks, Elk.
First of all because I’ve got a 1A spare and would like trying it.
But also because it makes no sense a 120VAC amp needing a 2A fuse and a 230VAC needing more than half of this.
By the way, the spec section in the BHK 250’s webpage states that the 230VAC version uses 1A and 5A fuses.

The fuse specifications may be based in part on what is commonly available.

Typically one specs fuses at 125% of normal operating current. That is, fuse rating = (watts/volts) x 1.25.

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