BHK 250 MK2 - Buying used

I have finally found a used BHK 250 and I am about to drive 900 km to get it.

But before I go I would like to know if the BHK250 has undergone changes through the years?

Would not like to buy a used if the “new” is better

I live in Denmark and the used on is located in germany

That’s a rather long haul. Safe travels. I have not heard of a BHK250 MKII.

Hi @Serhan The MK2 was click bate :wink:

Somtimes a product gets new components or tweek in some way. So I just wounder if the BHK 250 is the same as reviewed in so many magazines

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There were some small changes done a few months after release of the BHK amps, but nothing has been changed since.

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Thanks @jamesh
Is it possible to know starting which serial number so that @Martin-Andersen and others could make better choices when buying used? Thank you.

No, I’m not aware of a S.N. range which would encompass these amps. It was only the first few made so I wouldn’t be concerned about it.

Thank you James. That is clear.