Two tone BHK250

I see a used BHK 250 in two tone for sale , black with silver corners, kind of like the Simaudio look. never new that was an option. looks cool, I might have went that way when buying mine had I known. Anyone know if this is something new ?

Sounds like a Frankenstein Amp? I’ve never heard of this configuration.

Its on the TMR website, looks factory to me , maybe had a friend with a silver one and did a parts swap ? who knows.

I kind of like it, also. Would like to see the color combination swapped as well - black corners w/ silver faces/sides…

I would bet that PS Audio would accommodate a “custom” request for color combination if asked. Seems simple enough.


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I just found the listing at the TMR site. Brodric will be chiming in here soon. The look is not for me. Is it factory?

That is sweet looking! Would love that on my big three PSA pieces: P20 and BHK 300s.

love it. It should be a factory option.

what’s with the “TMRAUDIO” stenciling on the back lower right corner?

It is the name of the seller.

Not for me, the 2-tone look looks yuk.

I did suggest a PS Audio custom pimp works many years ago but nothing came of it. A custom automotive quality paint job of the chassis would look slick.