BHK 250 discontinued- what’s next and what about the 300’s?

I just got an email about the 250 being discontinued. Any scoop what will replace them or about the status of the 300’s?

Not sure if this is already being discussed.

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I called today and was told there is a new amp in the works. I love my 250 but will be interested to see what theycome up with.


I had the same questions. I was a beta tester so my S250 is a bit long in the tooth but still sounds great.

I have been holding off purchasing a 250 because it has been out for a long time and really did not think it would have been a big enough jump in sq over my Levinson so I will be very interested in its replacement. Probably going to be a long wait though.

At the price they are offering it for right now would be the time to buy one. It is a great amp!


Probably a good deal but one look at the specs tells me it’s not for me. It’s a big heavy beast with pretty high energy draw. Seems kind of old school in the age of the new high quality class D alternatives.


I’ve had mine since beta testing and other than the binding posts (the initial run of them were replaced quickly) has been an absolute rock solid performer. It is a class A/B design so moderate energy usage, worst case would be class A. When Paul was trying to develop a statement amp he could not get class D to sound right. He threw in the towel and had Bascom King design the amp and it is wonderful. Don’t know if an update is coming or a real surprise is awaiting us. My credit card is living in fear …


I believe at least one forum member tried a BHK against a Gan amp and liked the BHK better. I’ll be doing a comparison of my 300s and a top gan amp soon. Don’t forget the BHK,s tube input section sounded better than any SS input ps designed for it.

Just purchased a BHK250. Will be moving out my Cary 120 MKII tube amp to run the BHK with my Wilson Shasha DAWs. Can’t wait to see how moving to solid state hybrid and much, much more power will impact the sound.



Hope you stick around and contribute to the community…

Please share your experience with the BHK 250 if you care to.


I owned BHK250 a few years ago, my first proper high-end amp. Looking forward to learning more about the replacement.

This will probably tank the used BHK250 market… so maybe I’ll pick one up again just for fun when the price is right to compare to my M10X :slight_smile:

My Luxman M700u amp is more refined sounding than the BHK 250 was (with Tidal Piano Cera speakers.) The Luxman isn’t quite as fleshed out and rich in the midrange as the BHK was, but in other respects it operates in a higher tier. Curiously though, I greatly prefer my BHK preamp with the M700u amp and I prefer my Luxman C700u preamp with my PSA M1200 mono amps. The all Luxman pairing is a bit to clinical for my tastes and the all PS Audio pairing is a bit lacking in detail/musicality balance.


Gear synergy and personal taste is a very real thing. It’s shows even with supposedly synergized gear from the same manufacturer, it’s not a sure thing for everyone. For me I missed that tube sound and traded in my C900u for the CL1000. Been enjoying my Luxman electronics + Magico A5 ever since. So much so that I think I’m done with upgrading. To prove that point I just submitted an order for Leica M11 and a Summicron lens… Money that was going to further audio upgrades… We’ll see how long this will last lol.

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The replacement amp WILL NOT have tubes. Very Sad. I am a tube guy. I have had tubes in my amps since 1997. My BHK 250 is 1.5 years old and is a terrific amp. End game for me.


Where did you get this info? Their top of the line have one more tube, the rectifier, so I’m surprised. Sad indeed if true.

Directly from PS Audio.

From the videos, that is a story about Bascom King. He required tubes in order to work for Paul on an Amp. It was at least a year after the 250 when the 300s came out. My guess is same thing. Develope the stereo and use same topology for a mono block. I am glad I jumped to the 300’s when I did. I was able to sell my used (I got that used too) 250 when I did. got most of money back. The 300’s got for steal and delivered to CT personally from the previous owner. I am ready for that price drop. But its part of the life of an audiophile junkie.

Interesting. Good feedback. Pays to experiment

Based on the dealer discounts being offered now it would appear the 300 is being discontinued as well, but I don’t really know what that means. There’s no such indication on the product pages for the BHK 300 or BHK 250 either.

Hmm, interesting. I love my BHK300’s even after comparing them with a highly resolving GAN amp in my review for The Absolute Sound.

I wish I could afford to sell my 300’s and buy the 600’s but perhaps the 300’s are the sweet spot in the line as far as sound for money, and leave room later to purchase a future hybrid GAN amp to own as well as the 300’s. I’m sold on hybrid amps. Too bad PS Audio is moving away from tube input stages.