BHK 250 RCA spacing

Very simple question - how far apart are the unbalanced (RCA) inputs on the BHK 250 stereo amp? I can estimate around 4" but I need to know exactly. Thanks!

Looks like they are 3.5" on center.

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Awesome, thanks (I assume you have one and measured?)

Curiosity (I ask lots of questions): Why do you need the precise measurement?

And welcome to the forum!

I understand. I’m considering using an AQ Victoria IC, and 3.3" is about the absolute max that the RCA ends can stretch.

This makes sense. Thanks!

Photon has it almost exactly. I just measured mine and they’re about 3.75".

Yes Daveman2, I own a BHK250. I measured again and then RCA’s are exactly 3.5" from the center to center of each connector and 3.75" from outside of one RCA to the outside of the other RCA.

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Sure thing. I hope this little thread will help someone else in the future. And, thanks again Photon46!