BHK 250 transformer rating

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I am thinking to transfer my BHK250 to another system driving electrostats - older ML SL3 well cared for, which still run great. I do not think I have seen anywhere a rating in VA for the main transformer used in the BHK. Anyone knows, or is this published anywhere? Systems too far apart to just move the BHK and test it on site…
Any other thoughts on this? I have had the BHK drive MG 1.7s for years with no issue, and for reference my older Bryston 4BST can drive the SL3’s pretty well (both the stats and woofer section) and at pretty loud levels. Would venture a guess the 250 is more than up to the task (SL3’s have a nominal 4 ohm load with dips to 1.5 ohm or so at 20k).
BHK seems to have 80000 uf capacitor bank per channel, vs 22,400uf /channel for the old Bryston, but that doesnt mean much. Bryston has two separate transformers I think 500 or 600VA each.

Main system is 1.7s/BHK 250/ BHK Preamp/ PS DSD w. APS mods

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I just switched from 4B Cubed to BHK 250 and you won’t have a problem driving your MLs!

Only problem I found is the much higher gain of the BHK amp (30.5dB vs. Bryston@23dB) exposes noise upstream from the preamp, etc. This raises the noise floor of the entire system, but with the older MLs white noise is generally not a problem. It is more of a problem with my Thiels, which the BHK can drive more robustly than the 4B.

Having said that I did find Bryston amps to be a very good match with my ML Theos and do not feel the need to put the expensive BHK on them.

Thanks Stefan,
Out of curiosity though, how was the sound of the BHK driving the MLs?
Does it heat up more?

I just borrowed the BHK 250 from my dealer a week ago and haven’t tried it on my MLs yet. My statement about its current driving ability was based on how it’s driving my Thiels, which are a much nastier load, yet they are finally happy. The MLs were never unhappy with any of the amps I’ve tried including a 75W tube amp.

The BHK does get a lot warmer. Just sitting there idle it is hotter than the 4B ever gets when it’s working hard.

@sotovar I have an update for you. I brought the ML Theos to my main listening room and found the sound very thick and way too dark with the BHK 250. It did run at least as hot as it normally does.
Then switched to the “dead cold” 4B3 and it opened up nicely. They are still dark sounding compared to my Thiels but I have to say older MLs are a much better match with the Bryston.

Much appreciated for checking into this @Stefan_DR3 . That’s exactly what I was concerned with and my gut feel too. I do plan on getting new panels for the SL3 that have big sentimental value to me but still I am a little bummed. the BHK fits like a glove with Maggies tho. That being said, the 4BST has worked wonders with them all these years without a hiccup. If I may ask, what is your preamp? Thanks again!

Bryston amps are so reliable they can run for 40 years with only minor maintenance. I am going sell mine to fund the monoblocks.

Preamp is now the BHK Signature. I already sold the Bryston BP17 Cubed.