BHK 300 for Martin Logan

I’m looking for amps for a pair of Martin Logan CLX, anyone ever used this combo? Any opinion on the ability to drive these electrostats with their tough loads?

At the other extreme, am a happy user of the Sprout with a pair of Vienna Acoustics as my desktop setup.

I use a BHK 250 with ML Spires. Very happy. Driving is no problem.

I use a 250 as well with hard to drive speakers. I have had multiple MLs, last one’s I used Bryston. However, I can’t imagine a 300 having a hard time w/ anything.

I’m driving:

Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, 2.53 ohms minimum at 139Hz. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m at 1kHz.

Thanks guys, good to know. Will go bug the local dealer shortly for a listen.

Please share after you audition. The M-L CLX Art are on my short list of speakers and the reviews are, while positive in general, somewhat concerning regarding their ruthlessness with less than ideal recordings.

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