Tube Preamps with DSJ

Hiya folks - just concluded doing an extensive shootout between the DSJ and the Naim ND5XS2. The DSJ wins handily. I found the Naim tonality to be very one dimensional - and in some cases its great. But overall I feel the DSJ leaves the music alone.
Id love to know how you guys are pairing your DSJ’s with Tube Preamps…I think a slightly warm sounding tube would really sparkle with the DSJ. Would love to hear your thoughts.

I use the Primaluna Dialogue premium. Fantastic sound and got rid of that pesky noise floor issue with the DSJ (when paired with some higher efficiency speakers).


Hi echoz… I have a DSJ running into my PSA BHK Pre via Iconoclast OFE/OFC XLR/Balanced cables. The BHK is currently running NOS Mullard 12AU7s…and I love the sound! Of course I’m commenting on the whole system and the room, but to your question, I think it’s a winning combo.

Hi, I use a PrimaLuna dialogue premium pre amp too. Check out the specs and build quality on there website. I love it with my tube amps and my ss amps . I never found myself looking elsewhere for something better. Very happy :blush:

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My thoughts/experience are: YES ; )

I have a Sr w a Cary slp98p. Sounded great in stock format… got it direct coupled with improvements to the power supply and sounds even better. :slight_smile:

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What you get for money spent on a PL Dialogue Premium pre is a flat out bargain by today’s standards.I don’t think there is a better made or sounding pre for less than 10k…

PL Dialogue Premium - huh, who would have thought of trying em. Thank you heaps folks for sharing this. My setup so far
DSJ -> -> Bryston 4b3 -> Spendor D9.

I was contemplating even going SS for the Pre, but will definitely audition the PL Dialogue Premium.

Hi, I could not of said it better. I have a lot of PrimaLuna components and I love them. I have been at this hobby-passion for 50 years and have had so many different bands. PrimaLuna is something I never think of upgrading from.

I don’t have a DSJr but a Sr. . . . I was wowed by being able to use the balanced output into my single-ended input amp by using a 1:1 transformer device (mine is from Decware called ZBIT). It really made the difference that many preamps would. Then I realized that I had three balanced output sources and I went with a Decware preamp, the ZTPRE, that can be configured that way, and run that balanced output (with gobs of adjustable gain) into the ZBIT and am very very happy. I can recommend either or both of these for improving the sound of these PS Audio sources.

Hi - what balanced interconnect did you use ?

I’m using expensive ones (bought used and demo) that I really like: VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Amati, the same from PS Audio DSD Sr into the ZTPRE and from the ZTPRE into the ZBIT.

:slight_smile: insanity

If you purchase the PL…the real insanity starts with the great benefit of…tube rolling. A tube tweaker dream machine.:grin:

That is going to be nuts for the person I am - cuz il always be ‘tweaking’.
Any ideas how the PL would compare to the BHK ?

Sorry,never listened to a BHK…I’m very happy with the PL with no plans for a change…it’s that good!!!

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ok i think i need to get this one in. Its a pity they dont have it in black only silver…but what the heck.
Il give it a listen. Rest of my stuff comes in next week.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised…They also released the new EVO kit too. Might be of some interest.

Sure, maybe it’s insane, but I can hear the difference in cabling and I followed the VooDoo Cable line up, I really think their cables are the best I’ve heard.

Just a quick clarification…looking at getting PL DIALOGUE or the new Evo 300. However none of these 2 models have balanced.
Can someone attest to any sonic benefits of using the balanced - which is available only only on the new Evo400 and hence more expensive by about $1500.
Does balanced provide a very marginal (if that) benefit.