BHK 300 Binding post in different locations on some websites

Hello all, I have an opportunity to purchase a BHK 300. On one Website two sets of binding post are located on each side of the amp as per the rear pic on this website. However some pictures I see of the BHK 300 have the bindings post located in the middle with all 4 very close to each other.

Which version is the latest version?

Thank you!

Regards Mark


Raises the spectre of “fake” goods (not that I am suggesting this is, in any way, fake).

I wonder has that ever been an issue with PS Audio gear, or does the counterfeit market only focus on high volume products?

The bottom amplifier is current. Top photo first generation.

Only one trigger-in on first generation, two trigger-in on current amplifiers…

Input boards on different sides between models? There’s other changes.!

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Here in the UK are fake 2M AC12 cables, sold as Used on ebay, from Hong Kong. It strikes me that if they can make cables and boxes that look authentic with UK plugs then why wouldn’t they make cables with other plugs, so they could be selling them worldwide (makes me wonder whether there are unscrupulous people buying them and reselling them at high prices, so, when I hear that people think the AC12 is not a good cable I wonder whether they actually know whether it’s real!)…

Here’s a pic of what’s inside (the cable doesn’t weigh as much as I calculate a genuine AC12 should weigh. To it’s credit they’ve had a go at shielding it and correctly only joining it to earth at the source(plug) end and the conductors are quite heavy).


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Hi Dan,

WOW…!! Did you get conned with said cable.?

If I answer that I’d be incriminating myself!

Yes, I own the cable that I cut in half because I didn’t trust that a genuine cable could be as cheap as it was (having bought it I saw exactly the same used cable being offered again, there seemed to be an endless supply of them). ebay were good and I got my money back. I occasionally see the same auctions on ebay (none at present though). As they say, if it looks to good to be true then it isn’t true.


There’s all sorts of PS Audio AC12 Fakes here in North America. If you know what the real cables are, the fakes are easy to identify. Unfortunately I can do it by feel. The real cable has a unique feel when you bend it. The fake has a conduit the gives it away. The box has spelling errors also. There’s a thread here with information about it.

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I too can do it by feel. I’ve several AC5s, some bought new and some via ebay. I know what a real one feels like under the outside braid, and also know the weight (I’ve 7 1m and two 1.5m).

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Thanks mate, just what I needed to know.

Cheers Mark

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You’re more than welcome.