BHK 300 fuse dilemma

I recently swapped out the stock rail fuses (8) with HiFi Tuning Supremes.
I would describe the change as smooth and better detailed. Much has
been said about fuse directionality and the dependency on other gear
in the system. The bottom line is try the fuse in both directions and keep
the direction that sounds best. I have them all aligned in the same direction
according to logo. Knowing that the labeling could be in error and eight fuses
result in endless listening permutations, how do I get to nirvana?

Lots of swapping positions, careful listening and taking notes is about the only thing I can think of. Mark each fuse with a number and note if there is an incremental improvement in one position over the other for each Fuse. Then try all the fuses in the best position. You may or may not like the sum total so tweak to tune to your taste.

Good advise.

I did the same as well by following the label and swapping them to listen for differences.
Turns out the label direction was the best sounding to me.

With 8 fuses there are 40,320 permutations. I would write them all down on a piece of paper and try each one for a few days. Make copious notes. Ensure the air temperature and barometric pressure are precisely the same throughout the testing because these have significant impact on speaker performance. Possibly repeat with Shunyata fuses.

Think about this. I bought an expensive ethernet cable with directionality arrows on it. (Cost about $40.) Apparently some lemming had tested it for directionality. So am I to believe that for each $40 cable the plugs were fitted with plugs and tested in both directions before the plugs with the pre-printed arrows were fitted? How about the 25m CAT7 Audioquest Pearl that I put under the floor, that came off a reel and was terminated by the supplier? Did they spend time testing it before fitting the plugs? Has anyone been to the AudioQuest factory and checked these lemmings? Are they qualified audiophiles? How often do they have their ears tested? What is their test system?

Ask yourself this question. Is it something only audiophiles worry about? If the answer is yes, then stop worrying about it. Personally if my audio system had fuses I’d align them with the earth’s magnetic field. There must be something in that.


This sort of smart arsery is why reason why I have just about stopped contributing to audio forums.

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Ah… monomania and the pathological vagaries of audiophile paranoia! What about the orientation of the end caps in relation to the fuse filament? Not just the filament, but all the end caps will have to swapped and tested for sonic accuracy … just had another thought, what about the morphic field/resonance.! At this rate it will be months before I can listen to MUSIC!!


There is nothing paranoid about someone wanting to get the best out of their system.

The man with the big brown leather couch will agree with you.


Thanks for confirming my decision to put you on my ignore list.

Not a problem!

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There is nothing paranoid about someone getting the best from their system, but there is something to be said for people not becoming paranoid in the process.

Our homes are not scientifically controlled environments and our hearing systems are not scientifically calibrated measuring instruments. Sound waves and some audio equipment are sensitive to environmental conditions and our bodies certainly are. We have receptors in our eyes, fairly recently discovered, that control our circadian rhythm, which has a major impact on how our body functions thought the day. (These sensors often function even if we are visually blind.)

About 35 years ago I studied the mathematical theory of “the diffusion of news and rumours”. It’s part of stochastic theory, the statical theory of dependent events. These days it’s known as Twitter, someone says something, true or not, and within hours it’s accepted as fact around the world. I consider it to be a major factor in audiophilia.

Here are some $40 directional cables.

The marketing blurb says:

All audio cables are directions. The correct direction is determined by listening to every batch of metal conductor used in every AudioQuest cable. Arrows are clearly marked onto the connectors to ensure excellent sound quality. For the best results, have the arrow pointing in the direction of the flow of music. For example, Router to Network Player.

Does anyone seriously believe that? Honestly? Plus, AudioQuest supply reel cable to their retailers and the connectors. Do they test it? Is there any evidence that any cable of any sort has different electrical properties when the cable is reversed?

All I am suggesting is the @straightwire should take a chill pill and enjoy his fuses, whatever direction they point in.



Please don’t take this the wrong way (anyone reading this), but anyone who claims to hear a sonic difference in a fuse (let alone the direction of flow)…is a legend in their own mind.

And before anyone loses their poop over my comment, it is merely my opinion.

Have a great weekend.


I don’t believe fuse directionality, sound, and the quest for system synergy
verges on paranoia. It’s often the little things that can have impact as shown
by the multitude of tweaks that pop up daily on this forum. Yes, this hobby
can often put you on the edge of the rabbit hole instead of inside the music,
but still enjoy the dance.

Can’t, won’t, touch this one. Except to say switch out a stock fuse and
try an “audiophile” fuse and see if you hear a difference. If you don’t,
good for you. You can share the chill pill I have been suggested to take
if you like.

Choose to believe what you like … for those that have an open mind here is a link to the AudioQuest website where they explain their position. It doesn’t address the marking of individual cables, but since cable is made in large lengths they could test a piece then note on the reel the proper direction. Since you are not paying extra for the directional markings, I don’t see why you find it offensive.

Yes, wow. What’s the right way to take your statement? What you claim as an opinion is actually stated as a “fact”. Stop playing these BS semantic games. If I said that you are an idiot, have cloth ears and deluded because you can’t hear differences in fuse direction, would that be OK? I mean, it’s only an opinion right?

I think someone just lost their poop…

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My poop is intact.

For those of you that say there is no difference in using a high end fuse, have you actually sat down and change one in and out and seriously listen? If you cannot detect any difference, it could be your system is not resolved enough or your ears are not sensitive to the change for which you are lucky. You will not go out and spend hundreds on fuses. But those that do appreciate the enhancement the better fuse can do to their system will just enjoy their system more with this tweak.