BHK 300's are back

As some of you may know, one of my BHK 300’s developed a persistent sound that resembled static.
After a trip to Boulder, my misfiring amp has a new input board.

While it was away, I decided to buy upgraded fuses. I went with HiFi Tuning Supreme’s. In total each amp has 6 fuses. This is not an insignificant upgrade. I considered the SR Blues, but my ears can’t really tell the difference compared to the HiFi Tuning Supreme’s. I have a good source, that kept the costs fairly reasonable.

The amps are back, playing a long playlist to do some breaking in. So far I’m pleased with the repair and the upgrade sounds really sweet.


Thanks for keeping us posted watchdog! Also, thanks so much for all of your patience. You’re a good man!

Omg. You are bold. I’d let the thing sit for quite awhile before I’d friggy dig with fuses!!:slight_smile:

Fuses are a benign tweak. I’ll know with a short while if the input board was the problem. So far so good!


That is great to hear. :slight_smile:

If fuse makes a difference (I’m not convinced), what fuses do you guys use at PS Audio?

The fuses look like HiFi Tuning Gold Ceramic fuses. Although my BHK 300’s had basic chrome fuses on all eight rails.

Right now my system has played for a few days to break in the new input card and to break in 8 additional fuses. My impressions are positive. I have smooth, tight bass with oodles of detail at all frequencies complements of Windom. The system has never sounded better.


Beautiful system!

Dang that is nice. Like the matrix too!! Haha