BHK 300 Power Amp & Magnapan

Does anybody on this site use the BHK 300 with Magnapan speakers. Specifically interested in the 30.7 but any observations would be appreciated

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I have not heard Magnepan’s 20.7 or 30.7 speakers, but wouldn’t mind hearing the 30.7. I don’t know if the 30.7 needs 4 amplifiers or if they are ok to drive with just 1 pair of monoblocks. Hopefully someone out there has the 30.7 or knows enough about them.

I have 30.7s and love their sound. Only the bass panels are plugged into the amplifier. The treble/midrange panel connects to the base panel. They therefore need just 1 stereo amp or 2 monoblocks.


Sweet!! How are they located in relation to walls and to each other?
What are your current pre & power amps and what are you trying to achieve by changing them?

The speakers are about 5 feet out from the front wall. Treble panels are 9 feet apart. I have Symaudio Moon DAc and also Moon preamplifier. My power amp is a Gryphon DM700. It’s a very good amp but I am wondering considering its age whether I am missing out on further improvements to the sound.

Here are a couple of great options to drive difficult speaker loads from Sanders Sound Systems:

Have you considered a newer gryphon amp?
Or a Moon power amp?
Am thinking mostly synergy with what you have.
The PSA gear, to my ears, sounds very nice, but is a different sound than what you are used to.
If you want to know how good female vocals can sound with tubes in the signal path, a BHK pre feeding the M1200’s or BHK300’s or BHK600’s would get you there.

More recent Gryphon, even slightly used may be a nice step-up. Based on my recent audition of SimAudio North, I’d suggest an in home audition with the Maggie 30.7s. What I heard with Wilson Audio Sabrina X had mee looking for somethng a bit more refined sound. Just my opinion.

Was your audition with the Wilson’s using the BHK amp or the Sim Audio. Just wanted to know which amp made you want a more refined sound

The Sim Audio North. It had been connected to the speakers and powered up for better than 24 hours.

Wow - nice on the 30.7s. I have 20.7s and am very happy. Pass labs x260.8 monos. I really like the combo

Newer gryphon used — be careful on the support on their used gear. It sounded like it wasn’t necessarily friendly. I’ve heard nothing but good things about their performance Have yet to hear them.

I have had a Gryphon for 14 years. Service hasnt been a problem on the 2 times it needed repairs. The first time was really a refurb.

I’m just curious what else out there would suit my speakers. The 30.7 are really amazing. I had the 20.7s before that. They were also great speakers.

I will look into the x260.8 I understand that Pass have two X series, the XA being 100% class A and X class A/B. The X have a lot more power so I think that
would be more suitable for me.

Since you already have Gryphon, I would take a serious look at the Gryphon Diablo 333 integrated.

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I had heard if you were not the original owner/ bought used that things could be more difficult. If that is NOT true - that would be great news for anyone buying on the used market. My info is all internet blurb.

If you could somehow demo that would be great. The x600.8 was recommended by Kent English at pass but I didn’t want to spend … tge x600.8 are biased 100w class A. Damn. But dang I like the x260.8s. Amps are smooth / holographic /and have a great tonal balance imho.

There have been rumours floating around regarding Gryphon warranty fulfillment especially as it applies to used gear not purchased from an authorized Gryphon dealer. For a time I had seriously considered, and to a degree continue to, a lightly used Diablo 300 sans phono or digital boards. A rare commodity in my experience. Having noticed a rumoor floating about on this Forum, as well as elsewhere on the net, and a dealer implying sa e I approached Anthony Chiarella at the primary Gryphon display at Axpona 2024. His words were Gryphon supports any necessary warranty repair, as well as out of warranty repair for used units purchased from authorized dealers or from private party or other dealers. This I did not ask, but it would be unreasonable to assume this would apply to a gray markey Gryphon product. I’m unaware of any Gryphon gray market products in the USA, but it is a remote possibility.

Again this came straight from Anthony Chiarella, the Gryphon USA rep. A most fine and helpful gentleman.

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So it sounds like you can get things repaired from private party sales - but warranty is not extended to the new buyer. And a lot of companies won’t do that. Just good to know going in I would think.

Agreed and confirm with your local Gryphon dealer whom ever that may be

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There aren’t that many gryphon dealers are there?? Has their distribution grown?