I have become fond of the Synergistic Quantum Red fuses and would like to use them in all of my electronics.

Does anyone know the values used (120V) in the BHK Amp & Pre-Amp? Does anyone have any experience in upgrading those fuses?


For the monos it takes 4 fuses total, a 10 amp and a 2 amp for each (120v slo-blo). I think the stereo only uses one of each. The Preamp takes a single 2 amp (although early units spec’d 1.6).

I have no experience with SR Red.

The BHK 250 uses six fuses. In an earlier post, Paul said that replacing the two next to the power cord inlet would probably make the most sonic difference. I changed those two from the stock ones to the SR Black, with good results. I recall that someone else used the Red fuses on the other four to keep the cost down.

There’s a thread about the preamp fuses here and one about the amps here.

Exactly, in fact IIRC Paul states the 4 rail fuses wouldn’t effect sound, but some have changed them anyway. Forgot to add that to my post as I was sidetracked confirming the fuse spec’s.

I will receive Synergistic Research black fuses this week. I read somewhere that these fuses are directional. I will install them in PS Audio DS Dac Jr and BHK Preamp. Any advice on which direction will most likely to be the right one? What sound quality should I listen for to differentiate the right vs the wrong direction of the fuse? Thanks.

Try them for a few hours each way and then complete the burn-in using the orientation that sounds best. That’s what I was told when I got my Blacks. I don’t know that there is anything in particular to listen for —just trust your ears.