Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuse For My BHK PRE

So I just pulled the trigger on a Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuse for my BHK Preamp. I couldn’t find a negative thing said about them. I figure I’ll start with the BHK Pre and if all goes well as I believe it will I’ll start to replace some of the fuses in my BHK 300’s.

Nice please let us know your impressions

That is a 2A rating right?

Will do! Yes it’s a 2A

I prefer, where specs are available, the Audio Magic Bee Wax Ultimate. For my Parasound Halo Integrated (Original), AM didn’t make the correct values needed. The SR does give a big improvement over the OEM fuse, but the Bees Wax goes even further, IMHO. Which is a better value?? Strictly a personal opinion.

Thanks @tarheelneil! I’ll consider the Audio Magic Bee Wax Ultimate fuse for any future upgrades. My BHK 300’s will be next in line if all works out with the SR’s in my BHK Pre.

I just received the SR Blue Quantum fuse for my BHK Preamp. I see that the fuse is directional with electricity flowing from left to right. Since I do not know the direction that the electricity flows in the BHK Pre, Which direction should I place the fuse? S in or R in?


It’s supposed to flow back to front. But I wouldn’t rely on the printing on the fuse to be an indication of direction. Try it both ways.

Thanks Ron! I will.

With the fuse removed, use an ohmmeter to check which fuse socket contact is connected to the phase line L of the power grid. The fuse input (from the “S” side of the SR sign) is to be connected to this contact.

Attention !!!
The connection should be checked with the plug of the power cord disconnected from the mains !!!

Thanks! I kind of suspected that! :smile:

Or just ignore the direction and enjoy the music, I get the audiophile OCD, but it’s a bit much sometime :slight_smile:

For years I’ve been reading positive things about after market boutique fuses. Last week I finally took the plunge and ordered just one Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum fuse for my PS Audio BHK preamp since it only has 1 fuse.

All I can is HOLY CRAP! Like I said I’ve been reading positive reviews for years but I was not prepared for what I heard. C’mon it’s just a fuse. Anyway The soundstage was wider, had more depth and more height. Voices were more realistic and depending on the recording It was like they are in the room. Everything just seems better and this with only one fuse upgrade.

I plan to do the same with my BHK 300 mono blocks but at $150 a fuse and each amp has 6 fuses I’ll start with the”Mains” fuses as there are only 2 per amp. There are 4 “Rail” fuses per amp but that will come at a later date depending how the fuses for the “Mains” go.

So the big question is…has anyone else have the same experience with after market fuses and what was the fuse and the component you replaced the fuse?

I just ordered 8 HifiTuning Supreme Fuses for the rails in my BHK300‘S. I have the Synergistic Research Blue in my DSD and I’m not sold on the price difference.

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Placebo effect! Synergetic Research sell snake oil crap and they’re one of the biggest scammers out there.

Glad you like this product but my auditions of their various products (not the fuse though) has been nothing but proving their snake oil credentials!

@watchdog507 so are you saying the HifiTuning Supreme Fuses are comparable to the Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum fuse? Is so I’ll give the HifiTuning fuses a shot.

I don’t deny that there is a bunch of snake oil out there but in my system the Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum fuse made a noticeable difference. No placebo effect here.

Ask someone to change it up back and forth blindly without you knowing which is which, if YOU could tell the difference I believe you.

I’ve been to their demos multiple times, at CES, Axpona, and various dealers, literally ALL has been SNAKE OIL, PERIOD! I have never ever seen a more questionable line-up of products sold to fools, they’re amazing though, they play psychological games on people, literally put things in your mouth and making you think you heard a difference and even explain it, and make you FEEL STUPID if you did NOT hear a difference and RIGHT THERE sell you the product! That’s the trick! I loathe them as they give a bad name to the entire industry!

Like at Axpona they were placing some random shoe boxes middle of the room to change the acoustics, then place a piece of various magnets on the speaker cables to then make a drastic change and they were selling GOLD, BRONZE whatever for various change in sound… NONE made an IODA of difference, but then he would go around ask ppl “did you hear the tightness of bass changed” and the poor guy who thinks he’s either deaf or stupid would nod “yes”, then they would say “the product is right here available for sale”… and would sell a piece of empty box for HUNDREDS of dollars! Biggest scam I’ve ever seen…


If you want to change all of the fuses in the 300’s I would go with the AMR’s for a whole lot less. I use them in both BHK pieces and the DS Sr. Last I checked in the US you buy direct from iFi or in UK I have used MCRU.

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