BHK 600 or whatever

Paul, I know the world has set us all back a bit. But curious if the next BHK bigger boy amps are still in the works. The ones that use the P20 chassis?

Any news on that project, @Paul ?

I believe that is bhk600

LOL I bet 4th QTR 2023

It’s the BHK 650!


Bhk 650 is a stereo unit ?

I believe it’s a mono amplifier. @jamesh or @Paul can verify.

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BHK600 is a mono block. There are no plans for a “BHK600 stereo.”

I heard @Paul refer to it as a BHK 650 on a ask Paul video. I thought maybe you squeezed an extra 50 watts out of them!

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May I know how many kv of the toroidal transformers will be equipped in the bhk 600 ?

Here is the input stage for the BHK 650 in this latest Dac video. The second time I heard it referred to as the “BHK 650”

It’s about 1.6kva

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Is there a “650” model in the works?

Nope. I think the old man just stumbled his words.



Thanks ! CAN’T WAIT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, just curious how does the sound compare to 300

One little issue just want to share , as a current 300 user I found the speaker binding post not too good i , just feel way too light when Turing it , just the sense of feeling but not built quality