Any plans to fill out the amp product line?

So you have the M700s at $3000, then the BHK300s for $15,000.

Any plans to fill in the $8000 price point with a sexy new set of monoblocks?

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I don’t know about filling in the product gaps. Applying my prognosticatory abilities, I think that the P20 Chassis is going to be the mother of a 1000 Watt mono amp in the near future. Priced at $15,000 each.

I would say the BHK250 fills that spot, no need for another line of monos.

With respect to watchdog’s comment, I might (repeat, might) have seen a prototype of that P20 based amp in an Ask Paul video. It was behind him in two of the videos about 2-3 weeks ago. I was surprised no else noticed it. The chassis looked the same size, but it was “sculpted” and did not have the handles. It did have the light up PS logo so it may have been something else, the only other thing that it could have been was a P1000, but those have a wavy side, so not likely. I’ve meant to find the video again and get a screen grab. On first viewing I was watching on a TV so no screen grab there, something to do on the iPad this week!

Edit: I found another video with the amp and Paul said it was a Classic 250, so false alarm. I think it was in a Power Plant 1000 chassis which is comparable to P20.

Not sure about 1,000 watts, but definitely a beast of an amp in that chassis is on the horizon.


I hope you plan on leaving the handles on it.



Oh yes, the handles are a key to the P20 chassis. It’s just too big to have otherwise and I like the way they look.

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I had mentioned a while ago on another but very similar thread that I’d love to see BHK technology on a little smaller than the BHK250. A 150 watt stereo unit would be an ideal sweet spot in my humble but selfish opinion.


Does such a beast make sense for a speaker with active bass as the new PSA?

We’ll, most people know my feelings on big amps when they are properly designed. Headroom, lots and lots of headroom, just can’t be beat for dynamics and keeping the amp and sound effortless. To me, that’s what it’s all about. So, yes, I’ll be using it on my pair of AN1 beasts.

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Are you announcing that you are a troll? If not, who are you accusing of being a troll?

Was trying to be funny…there are two strong “handle camps”: love them/hate them. Your message read (to me) like you were restirring the pot. No offense intended…