Bhk 300 amps versus the bhk 600's

Greetings, I may have missed it, but i have not seen any discussion here from those who have compared and/or moved up to the bigger amps. I currently have the 300 mono blocks and would really like to hear from anyone that has had a chance to audition the new 600 amps. I can say that the one person that I have spoken with about the new amps, was very clearly pleased with them over the 300’s.

There are more detailed responses in the forum archives on this comparison but, suffice to say, there is a big difference between the 300’s and the 600’s. Pick any audiophile description you want… dynamics, control, revealing, open, quieter, etc…it shines over the 300’s. I now own them. In relative PSA terms, this improvement is greater than going from the 250 to the 300’s, and more recently from the MKI DAC to the MKII. I tried ringing more out of the 300’s with NOS tubes, fuses, and better cables, but this amp swap was way ahead of those changes. In fact, I have not upgraded the fuses or tubes in the 600’s. Haven’t felt the need to fix anything.
The 600 was long in development and has the markings of two very talented engineers. I was curious how it would come across the finish line. I believe it is a winner.


Thank you so much for your input. I updated the DSD DAC to the MKII and the differences were frigging huge. The fact that you find the 600’s to offer an even bigger improvement is truly stunning. That really motivates me to start saving my duckies. :grinning:

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The only thing kept me from upgrading to them is their sizes and weight. The may have trouble fitting into my new rack (oddly my old one could).

I am still waiting for the M1500 upgrade from M1200.

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Do you know what the specs are for both?

They are on the website: Amplifiers – PS Audio

Boy do i get it. I had hernia surgery last year and the Doc told me not to ever lift anything really heavy again. I will have to recruit a few young strong men to help :slight_smile: I have a P20 and they are the same size (it is the same as a 300 only taller) and so it will fit. I found the P20 easier to move than the 300 amps because it has handles front and back.


In a PerfectWave chassis of course, comfortable for tube rolling lovers and with symmetry on the rear panel (IEC - inputs and binding posts). If ever happens count me in!

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They have to change the fuse box! Leaning sideway with reading glasses plus a fresh light trying to change fuses was not fun. My wife watched me with amusement was not fun either (it was for her)!

By the time I am thinking of upgrading amps I will turn into an old fart with bad back. My days of heaving lifting are done, unfortunately!


I had hoped that successive generations of Class D or high negative feedback topologies would float my boat and would be easier to portage them. For me, great MOSFET and Class A and AB designs still have an edge even though the gap may be narrowing. It’s not that I get off on big transformers and a gazillion
microfarad caps. I can just lift the BHK 600. But, size does matter.


I mean the location of the fuse box should be uplift, so one can change from above instead of from the back.

But your idea is better.

thanks for the link…

i think it best not to dwell on the specs…
they suck as compared to the marketplace offerings of the same output and pricing…
but as long as you’re happy…enjoy!

I can’t afford either the 300s or the 600s; I just knew a convenient place to find the specs. I do enjoy my BHK 250. :sunglasses:


Is there a way to ignore this thread? I’m just trying to pretend the 600’s don’t exist. When I got my 300’s I told myself the amps were a permanent part of the system, and since anything better would be multiples the price, I would need to focus on other parts of the system to get real improvement. I’m glad I was able to swing the upgrade to the MKII, but for now the 600’s seem like a distant mirage I will probably never find.


If you’re serious, you can adjust “tracking” at the bottom of the thread. If you’re joking, I am (cough) “suffering” with the M1200, and plan on suffering for many years.

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Yes. I am happy. If it was strictly a watts-per-dollar race, amplifier choices would be simple. If that is your criteria and it works for you, that’s great. When I was a young buck I was fortunate to work at a high end store that carried Mark Levinson, Audio Research, Electrocompanet, Bryson and others. I thought high wattage and low distortion was the goal. Out of all the amps we tried, the 25 watt class A Mark Levinson amps designed by John Curl were the best to our ears. Go figure.


It’s a great amp and possibly the best amp “value” in the line. I bought the 250 awhile back after having the Benchmark amp. The Benchmark was fine and looked better on paper but not in my system.

I totally get that and it was not my intention to push product but to answer the man’s question with my
experience and with comparisons that may be relatable. I do not talk about product characteristics unless I have had it at home in my system. That’s my lab.


Darn, I’d better get back to the gym and start saving!! I’ve got the BHK300s, BHK Pre, P20, PSA SACD and DSD Mk2.