BHK amp or preamp tube rollers

I just picked up a BHK 300 pair. So I waned to hear from others who rolled the tubes. What did you settle on?

There is a long thread on this topic (and others–we do wonder around here) at: BHK Signature 250 or 300 Tube Rolling


Yes I understand, but that thread is long. Also kinda goes off the rails a bit. I was looking to start a thread where people just say what they settled on, and why. Don’t need to know where they got them, or what tubes they rolled into before stopping.

Kinda like a tube profile? Or something along those lines.

You can certainly try. I expect however very quickly posters will want to comment on their other preferences, prices paid, ask where others got specific tubes, inquire into others that have been tried and . . . we are back with the original thread. :slight_smile:

The type of list you describe is typically put together by a single person who lists what he has tried and what he heard in each.


I’ll start it off. After several different tubes for my BHK preamp. I stopped when I installed the BRIMAR CV4003 / 12AU7.

I was looking to try some tubes on my 300’s. Wanted to see what tubes fort his amp people stopped rolling. Anyone have a thought on your favorite stop rolling tube for these amps?

There are many threads on the topic, such as this one. I suggest a few searches, you will find a lot of discussion.

Got it. Feel free to kill this post. No need for it I guess.

Darren, did you revert back to stock tubes in your BHK Preamp?

No. I am running the
Brimar CV4003/12AU7 still. I liked them a bit better than the Mullard CV4003. I do expect delivery of 6 Mullard E188CC / 7308 tomorrow afternoon. I will start with these in the BHK mono’s first.

I’ve also tried the BHK Selects too I got from Kevin at upscale,

Thank you Darren! Did PSA find anything wrong with your BHK Pre amp when sent it in for repairs for clicking / popping noises?

Yes, they swapped the main board. It’s been perfect for months now.

Thank you Darren!

If you like the Brimar cv4003 you would love the tube in the 6067 [3987] variant. To me this revision is one of the most dynamic Brimar Tubes [12au7] with wonderfully full and warm mids with a very extended and natural treble. The bass is also excellent on these.

Where did you find those? Seller?

Hi All
My New Sublime BHK 250 has been in use for the past 3 weeks it replaces an E.A.R YOSHINO 890 Power amp which it bettered significantly.
Just replaced the stock valve with NOS TELEFUNKEN PCC88 (1968) specifically selected by Watford Valves here in the UK,the difference is night and day!
More detail
More slam
Deeper bass
Superb imaging
I encourage anyone to change the stock valve which is good don’t get me wrong but this TELEFUNKEN is something else