BHK Amplifier Revision?

Any of the PS Audio engineers ever considered developing a BHK 250 / 300 version B? Meaning keeping all (or at least 90 percent) of the sound quality, but getting it into a MUCH smaller footprint?

These amplifiers are highly regarded, but they are extremely bulky. I would imagine some potential customers settle on the Stellar M700 or M1200.

Just wondering.



I had to move a load of bags of cement yesterday and at 25kg each the idea of the BHK 250 at 42kg is a bit terrifying. My Class A / D system weighs 10kg, which includes the amplifiers (almost as powerful), DAC, streamer, phono stage - the whole caboodle.

I suppose you have to congratulate PSA on making a box of that size so heavy. I wonder how much of the 42kg is made up of the transformer and heat sinks, which are unavoidable in a Class A / B amplifier.

That said, the Hegel 590, a dual mono 300w A/B amplifier with streamer, DAC etc. - again the whole caboodle - comes in at a modest 22kg, excluding the weight of all the awards it’s won.

So I think you may have a point.


My Canary Audio monos are 68 Kilos a piece and they sound divine. I implore the designer to not change a damn thing. Not sure why weight is an issue unless manhandling amplifiers is a common occurrence in one’s household. I have to believe most owner’s will place them once, and never touch them unless a major event presents itself, such as moving, selling the gear, rearranging the room, etc. But, I cannot believe this happens often. Sound Quality vs. Weight. Easy choice.