BHK mono's with...


Hello All,

I’ve been living with a set of BHK monoblocks, paired up with a set of Dynaudio C4’s. I do have the DSJ in line, with a McIntosh C2500. It sounds pretty epic, but with anything, we’re always attempting to find ways to improve, even if it’s marginal or not and often outside the prying eye’s of our significant others. Somehow they have a problem with dropping thousands of dollars on high end audio gear. What’s their problem? I’ve been partial my entire life to Dynaudio’s. I owned a set of McIntosh XR51’s, various Paradigm offerings and B&W CM and 804 series. All had their pleasantries, but I tend to lean towards the Dynaudio “organicness”, so to speak. I’ve spent time with Golden Ear, Revel’s and Focal’s, not my cup of tea. Aside from the Dynaudio C4’s, the rest have been demoed on McIntosh gear, which after swapping out to the BHK mono’s, I’m never going back. I’m wondering if anyone has a set of B&W’s running on the BHK mono’s. If so, could you share your highlights and any drawbacks you’ve experienced.