BHK pre volume knob loose

Just got this today and the knob pulls right off. How do I tighten it? I can see the set screw on the back but there isnt a lot of room. This is brand new.



Oh No! That’s not good. We work so hard to make sure that never happens. The top cover must be removed to access the screw that holds the knob on. It’s not easy. Can you email support @ and we can either walk you through or get it fixed ASAP for you. So sorry!

thanks for the reply Paul. I emailed them this morning.


Mine does the same, wish it could be tightened more easily. It’s not worth pulling the cover but good to know that’s what it takes to acmes the set screw.

The cover is very easy to remove if you get the set of all threads you need to do so.

do you know the thread count and pitch?

no I don’t but I got mine from PS Audio. i will try to figure it out and get back to you.

It is a fine pitch. I could suggest taking one of the screws out of the bottom of the preamp and using that to get a match locally or call the service group at PS Audio and I am sure they will send them to you.