Stellar gain cell DAC volume knob grinding

Hey there everyone

For a while now I’ve been having a progressively worse problem with my volume knob on my stellar gain cell dac.

It grinds at certain parts of its rotation and the rest of it feels progressively more like an old mouse wheel, where it goes up or down in volume by two instead of one every now and again.
Is there any way to replace this part?

I live in Japan, and over the last 17 years have never ever had a good customer service experience with electronics here. So, I will not send it to the store I bought it from.

Sounds like the knob was a little too close to the chassis when the set screw was tightened. It should be easy to adjust if you want. You’ll need to open the unit in order to access it but once you do, it should be self explanatory. Worst case would be if the loctite doesn’t let the screw turn, but it should still be adjustable.

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so I opened it but I don’t see a screw on the back of it, only the circuit board which it seems to be hard fixed to it, and the whole volume control knob is a little bit loose.

We should probably have the chance to replace the optical encoder for you if it’s a problem. The distributor in Japan is pretty good at servicing.

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Hi there Paul

Yeah you see I don’t have the proof of purchase and the store I got it from closed. So, I’m not sure how that’s gonna go.

But I’d like too at least fasten the volume knob by my self. But I can’t see how to, just at the moment… Mmmmnnnn all of my male ancestors were engineers and that never-give-up, keep you up all night attitude to problems is very strong in me!

Sorry to put you through the paces like this Danny. There should be an access point from inside the chassis. If I was at the shop I’d take a picture. There should be a hole in the chassis that backs up to the knob, and the screw will be at a 45 ° to that of the shaft that it fastens to. You may need to spin the knob in order to reveal the hole in the knob through the hole in the chassis. Hope this is helpful. It’s surprisingly hard to describe with words as opposed to pictures and finger pointing.

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Alright, I needed to unscrew the bottom of the case.

But, I can’t really see what screw driver head I need to use.

I just want to say thank you for all the help so far James. And Paul, if I can’t do it on the end, I’ll contact the people over here.

Okay, I was able to use my endoscope camera to see that it’s an Allen key. But I wasn’t able to get a firm lock into it and I do not want to strip it. So who do I send it to here in Japan?

Thanks for your patience and diligence and sorry you had to go through all of that.

And thanks to James fort all his help!

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Oh no, thank you Paul and James.
This is one of the many reasons I am happy being a PS Audio customer :kissing_smiling_eyes:
After sending it off for a check up, I’m looking forward to getting my baby back for some good personal time! I love using the knobs and buttons on my GCD, and it such a pleasure using it as a pre amp too. @jamesh @Paul

Always a pleasure here Danny, and thanks for your patience! If it’s not able to turn, I reckon it is the loctite doing its job.