Sprout volume knob came off

I bought my Sprout less than a year ago, and the volume knob has come off. Anyone else with this issue?? I can of course put it back on, but it doesn’t fit snug, and takes ~1/4 of a turn before it’ll actually effect the sound. I also have to be careful, as it easily comes off.

Contact PS Audio support. They’ll take care of it. It may have to come home though.

I looked at the photos, and it looks like there is a hole in the knob. If so there should be a set screw.
Line up the knob, make sure that you turn the shaft all the way down, and tighten the set screw. It is most likely an allen head screw, but with the knob off you will be able to see what it is. That should do it.

I agree as the volume controls are manufactured without a knob and the manufacturer of the gear supplies their own to fit the shaft of the volume control with a set screw to hold the knob to the post. If the set screw has come loose just realign it and tighten it down. If the the screw is missing then PS service can tell you what it is.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll have a look tonight.