BHk preamp break in period

I’ll be receiving my bhk pre soon I’ve been around the block many times and know the routine with breakin periods. Each component is different some take longer others shorter breakin time.
What differences will I hear and how long will it take to achieve optimum sonic performance.

For me, changes in the bass region were most pronounced. There was very little before ~100 hours then it blossomed. The headphone section has taken 300 hours or so to finally settle in and stop changing, improving all the way.

I’m still on the stock tubes, with ~500 hours play time, unit always kept in standby when not in use of course, ~1000 hours total.

That depends on what you’re used to listening to. Compared to no preamp, just my DSD Sr, it was immediately more open and alive.
The soundstage was immediately more multi dimensional and believable. It was also slightly bright but that calmed down as hours passed. Mine has about 300 hours and it’s wonderful.