I have been using my PS Audio Dac straight into my power amp along with my memory player for some time now and have loved it but was always curious about the pre amp…after reading numerous reviews and speaking to several people i took the plunge and ordered the pre amp and i must say I am truly thrilled thus far…although I have only had a brief period of listening thus far i find the sound stage expanded,details enhanced and the placement of instruments simply magnificent.I am a tough critic so i myself am surprised.I did not expect to be this impressed.The combination of Dac,memory player and pre-amp is simply a pleasure to listen to…bravo!


Likewise here. I actually had a BHK Pre “lying around” boxed for a month or two not even bothering to try it because I just “knew” it wouldn’t beat the DS to BHK’s direct setup.
Then, after reading the remarks from other owners I thought what the hell; let’s try it. I’m SO glad I did … almost every positive sound descriptive term I can think of sort of “shrink” when I take the Pre out.


Would you all recommend switching out a wyred4sound preamp to BHK preamp over switching from DSJr to DS senior for sound quality improvement?


I would, yes. You’ll get far more mileage with the new preamp.


I agree with Paul and I own both preamps. Their sound profile is similar but the BHK is just better. Would be interesting to do the comparison with EJ’s Stage 2 version which is supposed to be a significant improvement.


The BHK pre really woke up the bass in my system at low to moderate volumes which was a very nice unexpected benefit to my system. I have a huge space to fill with sound the BHK really makes it sing and sound full without having to blast the volume as much as was required before the BHK.



Thanks! advice is appreciated


I must admit,I do not understand why everything sounds better with the pre-amp involved…in theory the DAC direct to the amp should be more transparent and true to the source yet somehow it all comes together better with the Pre…a Pre should be one more layer that should detract rather than enhance and that is what i always assumed over the years and as a result I always went direct to amp…I am confused yet extremely pleased!


Logically I agree 100%. However I just did a retest and the sound noticeably improves with my pre. And I think that the system (in my case a Jr to M700s) benefits from a pre period, not just a BHK. I use a Cary and while I want to try a BHK, I’m not sure what difference I’ll hear. I would love to go 100% PSA though. And I’m not a guy who will tell you I “heard” my “bass get tighter” when I lifted my speaker cables off the carpet. I have to really hear a discernable difference and it’s there- no doubt. I was amazed too but took the pre leap when I saw a vid with Paul and his calypso experiment.


Which video is that? Is there a link handy? Tia


This one?