BHK Signature 250 Amplifier

Where can you find the S/N. Don’t see any on the rear of unit?


Looking at the rear of the amplifier - on the right hand side, level with the IEC socket, there should be a label. Top row: BHK 250 Stereo. Centre row: BHK S 250-INT-B. The bottom row of letters and numbers is the serial number… Unless there has been a revision that’s how they are configured on my BHK 250 and 300’s !

PS Audio equipment boxes also typically have a label with the serial number.

Thanks Guys,

Thanks Dirk and Elk. I found it on the back of my BHK 250, just as Dirk described. I did not notice it at first because it did not have the usual S/N in front of the numbers and letters on the label.

              Thanks again

You are welcome… I thought they same as you when I bought my first a PSA product looking for ---- Serial #…