Name Change for BHK 250?

So I purchased a new BHK 250 a few weeks back from an old authorized dealer and unfortunately it was damaged in shipping, so I sent it to PS Audio in Boulder and I just received the repaired unit back from PS Audio. It retains the same serial number. I just happened to notice that the name on the faceplate of my repaired amp says “PerfectWave BHK S250 Amplifier”. I’ve never seen this designation anywhere. Checked photos of my damaged amp that I sent in, and sure enough, it was labeled “BHK Signature 250 Amplifier.”

Is this the official new name for this amplifier in current production?

Was it the faceplate that was damaged? Maybe they replaced it with a blem.

The “Signature” designation is in reference to designer Bascolm H King. I can’t imagine PS Audio changing that.

No it all makes sense, especially when looking at the new AQ cable page under Connections. They must be now going to call BHK Perfectwave going forward.

The outrageous cable suggestions under Paul Reference purportedly matching with BHK never made sense. The Perfectwave cable recommendations do.

I agree and wonder why “PerfectWave” is being used in the name. But…that is what it says…PerfectWave BHK S250 Amplifier.

Either way, I’m not hung up on the name one way or the other…was just curious It sounds wonderful and I am enjoying it!

If Bascolm is ok with it (which I’m sure he is), all’s well. “A rose by any other name…”

:thinking: BHK “Signature” maybe reserved for a new upgraded lineup of products. :wink:

Someone sent in a BHK 300 mono for work and the amp was replaced with the new name. He now has two amps that are miss matched.

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I mentioned in the AQ Cable thread that the BHK line would be the new “mid-level” PS Audio product. Looks like I was close. A higher end line seems to be on the horizon…

I understand perfect wave in power product, but for amp seems off and gimmicky

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No, not really. We just wanted to get all PerfectWave products with the same format of naming. So, some had PerfectWave in their front panel naming while others did not.

BHK only applies to those products Bascom has designed.

What you got it the new style front panel we’re shipping all new BHK amps with.

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Hi Paul, can you fill us in on what Perfect wave means to a product line?

Thanks for the info, Paul. Like I said, I’m not too hung up on the name, only how it sounds. With about 24 hours on the amp so far, it sounds very nice.

I understand but i thought that the BHK 250 Amplifier just looked cleaner on the front that Perfectwave BHK S250 Amplifier is a mouthful and looks a little busy. Will the 300 now be Perfectwave BHK M300 Amplifer now since it’s Mono block?

Duh. Just looked at the faceplate on my new BHK preamp, and it is, in fact, a “PerfectWave BHK Preamplifier.”

Interesting, although I do not have the BHK 250 Amp, however, I do have the BHK PreAmp.
My in service date was August 2018, some 20 months ago.
Here is a picture of my face plate.
As Paul mentioned this is rather a new running change to more better reflect the ‘PerfectWave’ naming of products designed by the illustrious Bascom H. King.

Happy listening my friends irrespective of the naming change…


All but a few have always been PerfectWave this or that. My son Scott wanted consistency throughout the line. A good goal.

To be honest, I never even noticed that verbiage on my BHK pre until this thread. It’s practically invisible in my setup.

It’s obviously a non-factor here.