BHK Stereo And Mono Amps With P10 Regenerator

edorr said How is getting a P10 for $3K extravagant relative to paying $3.5K for a P5
The P10 would be used only for the BHK. For a bunch of reasons (I'll spare you the gory details) it is not a good idea to try to put a P10 into the bottom shelf of my rack, replacing the P5. The BHK will sit between my speakers (as my present amps do) and a P10 could go next to it. I'd probably get great sound, since the P5 would cruise along with all the low-powered components, leaving the P10 to handle the amp. We'll see how things sound and if the P10 is still on sale, well, maybe.


I was contemplating using a P5 for the front end components and keeping the P10 for just amps (BHK Mono’s) and speakers (electrostatics). The importer said don’t do it, just use the P10 for it all. Saved me some money.


This thread has been dormant for a while but on topic for me. I just ordered a pair of BHK 300 and a BHK preamp to join company with my DSD and DMP. Clearly my good old trusty P3 is not up to the task of feeding this new set of gear.

Budget was stretched a bit so it will be a while before a P10 (or a P20 maybe) joins the family fun. Question is, will one P10 be good with all of the above mentioned gear, amps, pre, DSD, DMP? Will be driving 4 ohm speakers if that makes a whole lot of difference.

Until then, the amps will have to get straight wall power and the rest will get feed by the good old trusty P3.


Hello Bruce,

You can take a look at my system below, but I have a pair of BHK300’s, BHKpre, DSD-DAC, DMP, NPC and as well as a TT, tuner and separate CD player all off of a P10 with no issue. I do have a separate P5 to power my low impedance Acoustat speakers. The P10 runs between 55-68% load for me normally and on particularly loud listening sessions gets to the low 70’s peaking in the mid-70’s, but PSAudio says that as long as you are running below 80% load, you are fine. Hope this helps.


I can vouch that a single P10 is enough to power your system. Check mine below, which all ran on a single P10 pretty darned happily, and well under the 80% level noted above.

I added a second P10 to feed the amps separately from all else in September, and while I would say I have heard a wee bit more separation and clarity, it is only just a bit IME. I really just liked the ability to better arrange my room and power cord layouts to my satisfaction, and that was worth it enough for me. But if I had to surrender my second P10 to the Audio Police, I wouldn’t be too bent out of shape. (That said, some day I should try re-routing back to just one to see how much I would miss it!)


I do appreciate the encouraging replies. Currently the P3 handles all audio and home theater duties with an Outlaw Audio 7700 feeding the speakers. . That little P3 has been a pretty remarkable workhorse to date. Plan is to relocate the HT gear to another room and stay 2 channel only with the PS Audio gear. Sounds like the the P10 will be enough. Would the upcoming P20 be too much? LOL, is there such a thing as too much?


My 2c

The (now sadly defunct) P3’s one set of unregenerated outlets made it a “poor man’s winner”.

PLEASE if the upcoming new “Stellar-like” replacement P3 could have same. Really, there are folks who’d like to have their whole system protected; but may not have the funds to regenerate each component.

On my own system, I have: DMP; DS; BHK Pre and a set of 300 mono’s, driving Vivid Giya 1 Spirits.

My P10 IDLES … very rarely reaching 40% capacity on the loudest volumes/passages!

So, do I need a P20? No - of course not.

Am I gonna get one? You bet!


Got the BHK300 pair and the BHK Pre today, a birthday present to myself. Bought through Upscale Audio so in the box were the cool Tungsram tubes. I put them in before any initial connections were made. All I can say is WOW! Just a few hours in and it just keeps getting better.

Right, so I did go with the unregenerated high current outlets on the P3. Working just fine until a more proper P10/20 can be added to the mix.


…Do all of the BHK preamps have Bascom’s signature on them? (Signature line, hmmm). I was a little surprised and pleased to see it was so.


There were a few preamplifiers we asked Bascom to sign but that was a while ago. The BHK Signature line is more a name than a statement. Bascom does not sign each one.

Bruce said
Must have an early production model. Surprised they still had those around.