Am I doing my BHK 300's a disservice by plugging them into my P10?

Just upgraded to these amps to drive my SF Olympica III’s. Was told that I should plug the Amp directly into the wall and leverage the P10 for smaller ancillary components. Currently the P10 is powering the Amps, BHK Pre and PS DS. All other components are using other wall sockets. Am I compromising speed, power and bass with this setup? I haven’t done a test because I currently don’t have the proper cable run lengths to pull it off.

Yes, keep them into the P10. As long as the collective gear isn’t demanding more than the P10 can deliver it should be more dynamic curtesy of the massively reduced impedance to current flow.

A low gauge (10awg or 2.5mm solid copper), dedicated circuit will also help ensure the P10 isn’t a bottleneck.


I would let your ears decided for you: listen to both methods of powering your BHK300’s. Mine are in the wall.

I’ve owned a PPP, P3, P5, P10 and now P20. The P10 is the best value for the money out of them all. I can’t imagine it won’t work perfectly with the BHK300s and sound better plugged into the P10.


Ditto- into the P 10. Play with multi wave setting and find what you like best- mine is at 3. The P 10 powering my stack is best in sine mode.

Thanks for the replies and tips. After tweaking the P10 it’s only at 46% load with all of the PS A stuff plugged into it. This is way less than the demanding Parasound JC 1’s that I was using. Going to leave things “as is” for now.

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