BHK trigger acting strange

I wanted to use the triggers on my BHK to shut off the Pass XA60.5’s. Got two mono cables with bare ends (the Pass are using what basically looks like speaker posts). The problem is that when I connect the bare cables to the Pass and plug in the 3.5mm mono into the BHK the amps does indeed turn on, but even when I shut off the BHK, they stay on! And with the bare cables connected, you can’t use the front standby switch for the Pass either.

Basically, I can keep the amps on at all times (which isn’t the best or nicest idea with class A amps…) or I can use the complete shutoff on the back of the amps (which doesn’t make sense either).

Would be very grateful if anyone could give me some insight as to how to fix this conundrum…

There is an issue with a limited number of BHK preamps, an extraneous capacitor was installed where one should not be, c156.

Support can fix it or show you how to clip it yourself, it’s easily accessible via the tube cover/grill.

Best to check with them to confirm yours has the extra cap and the best way to proceed.

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Interesting, I wonder how come this was not caught throughout all the QA phases. Maybe my preamp could sound so much better (or worse I guess) without random capacitors being added

Brett is right. Shoot a quick email to He’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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Sounds like something’s funky in the Pass. After it shuts on, remove the trigger cables completely and the Pass should shut off. If so, then there’s something about the way you’ve wired up the 3.5mm plug. If it stays on, there’s something weird about the Pass.

It’s guaranteed to sound 10x better without the extra cap. No, it really only affects the trigger circuit.

I clipped mine more than 2 years ago, no issues.

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It’s not a “random” capacitor. It’s the same capacitor in all BHK preamps it’s just in a different mounting position.

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Thanks @brett66! I’ll send an email to PSA to get the details how to remove the c156 cap (if it’s there)

Got excellent instructions from TJ and removing the cap fixed the trigger issue completely.

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Thank you for the follow up.