Powering amp off with trigger from BHK pre

I’ve programmed a five second delay after my BHK preamp finishes its warmup before it sends a signal to the BHK 250 via the 12 V trigger. So the amp turns on last, which is correct. When I put the system into standby by pressing the button on the remote, however, the amp appears to turn off a fraction of a second after the preamp which is not the recommended procedure. I’ve never experienced any unfortunate thumps through my speakers, but would it be safer to put the amp into standby manually before the rest of the system?

I do the same thing and get a very soft thump, but not enough to concern me enough to get off my rear and turn the amp off first manually. If you’re not getting any thumps I would not worry about it.

Yeah… Same here.

But i too wish I could program the delay the other way around too where the amps shutdown first then the BHK preamp.