Trigger Feature

I’m unable to get the trigger to work on my BHK Preamp,I set the Trigger for 8 and got it to start my BHK amp but would not turn it off…
I retried (without going into the trigger setting this time) and this time it would not even start the amps.

Anyone have experience with this, is there something I didn’t do right in the trigger setting ?

I also have a BHK preamp used with a BHK 250. I have a delay of four seconds set on the preamp. It always turns the amp on and off as it should (off in this case meaning into standby mode). I can’t remember doing anything except setting the length of the delay. I use the On and Off buttons on the remote rather than doing anything physically at the preamp.

After I posted I found a 2020 post saying there was an issue with an extra capacitor being installed in some units, so guess I should ask PSA about it.