BHK250 need help

My audio chain

Revel speakers ← Krell Chorus 7 channel XD amp ←
PS Sr DAC ← Matrix ← Sonore SE xxx ← Roon. And setup is powered by the amazing PS15

I listen all my music through Qobuz streaming. I’m very happy with my setup.

I want to replace Krell power amp with BHK250
If it will give a big jump in SQ. For example PS15 was a huge improvement… every $ is worth it… is BHK250 in the same upgrade league?

Any thoughts on this? Should I or should I not :slight_smile: please help!

I have the BHK300’s, so relatives. I’ve had a few other amps cycle through my system to try and I have always come back to the BHK’s. There’s something about the presentation of music that I love. The BHK250 Is going to give you much of the same but be warned if you want the best you’ll need some NOS tubes. That said, they last a long time. My amps run daily and you’re looking at years of use.