"Replacement" for BHK250?

The BHK250 has been on closeout for a while now. Can anyone at PS Audio comment on a possible planned replacement for this amplifier? Even a hint as to what might (or might not be planned).

As a BHK250 owner, I might be interested in a new stereo class D amplifier that would be as good or better than the BHK250 sonically. Not that I am unhappy with the BHK250. My electric bill has gone up significantly in the past year and the BHK250 just consumes more electricity and generates more heat than I would like, as well as being heavier than what I can comfortably move. I am not really interested in monoblocks due to the extra power cord and lack of an extra outlet on my P12.

A BHK250 replacement will probably not solve your bill issue if the topoligy of the amp is not changed. I don’t think it will change since there is a Class D M1200 in PS Audio’s amp line up. But what do I know. :smiley:

I had a BHK250 and did not like the way it performed with my Magnepan 1.7i’s. I traded it for a pair of M1200’s and, my God!!, my Maggies sound amazing. Just my thoughts…

Deleted, Wrong Class. :expressionless:

The BHK250 consumes 175 watts at idol, whereas a M1200 consumes 27 watts at idol, times 2 = 54 watts. That is less than one third the power at idol. In general, class D amplifiers are way more efficient than class A/B.

I am not surprised that the Magnepan 1.7i’s did better with the M1200’s because Maggies do better with lots of power.

The intent of starting this thread was to try and find out what might be in the works at PS Audio.

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Can we vote and they would make the replacement based on the results, yes? I say GAN based class D.

With all due respect the Jeff Rowland 625 S2 is not a Class D design, it’s Class AB using a very advanced power factor corrected SMPS. It’s an excellent amp with great sound but not Class D.

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Not at liberty to say right now anything other than its eventual replacement will not be class D.


BHK 500 stereo amplifier single BHK 600/P20 chassis is my guess if I’m a gambling man! One rectifier tube and one tube for each channel.

Funny you brought up your electric bill. My bill WAY up when I bought the 600s. I believe at idol they take 400 watts. Would I ever change? Hell no! So much for the environment when it is your “thing”. Cars, audio, fireplaces just to name a few.

These numbers are correct, but I don’t think they are the appropriate comparison. In both cases, if you turn off the blue button on the front or hit the Off button on the remote, the amp is put into a low-power standby status. In this case the BHK 250 consumes 75 W, not 175. This does not invalidate your general point, of course, that class D amplifiers are more efficient. But the BHK 250 (which I own) isn’t quite such a villain.


Never had an issue with BHK 600 power consumption or heat. 90% of the time they in standby mode and use 75w. They use 225w when on and a bit more when pushed, and are in a coolish basement. Just my setup. YMMV.

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Why not two rectifier tubes and tube regulation for each channel

If that’s your guess I’m not going to question it. I don’t work for PS Audio but let’s see who has the best guess when it comes out! Lol

My bet is class AB without a tube front end. A stereo amp, then monos latter. My guess only.

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Paul has been pushing the envelope of late.

I wonder if a Class A amplifier would be considered?

I’m with straightwire, a plain Class AB and likely one of Darren’s designs. Otherwise there no reason to cease production of the 250.

OK, as a longtime owner of a BHK 250 I am not a neutral observer. However, I will say that to my ears the 250 combined the warmth and analog quality of tubes with the power and clarity of solid state in a very pleasing way. The replacement for the 250 will have to be something really special to surpass it. Just my two cents.


Will the new amp continue the PerfectWave series?