Billie Joe McAllister Day

A day to remember things past, and to listen anew to the No. 1 hit from 1967. Just remember to wipe your feet before dinner…

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Fun idea.


But, what was the point of the song?

Was it about the mystery of what was thrown off the bridge? Yeah, what was it , anyway?

There is a deeper meaning here, if you look at it a bit differently.

And Bobbie Gentry is not telling.

What was thrown off the bridge is beside the point.

I’ll post an interesting link later.

Interesting - never knew there was any controversy over it. I was around 11-12 years old when it came out, and seemed clear it was their kid. What other theories were popular?

Wikipedia covers it nicely, click.

My pre-teen self certainly missed out on the whole aspect of the bulk of the lyrics being about how la-di-da the family was about the suicide, and the fact that their daughter was dating him, and was sitting at the table with them. Kind of a gut-punch at this point in my life, to read them.

Back then, she was this beautiful woman and singer, singin’ this mysterious song.

This video kinda dovetails with the Wikipedia entry.

And if you’ve never hear of Beau, I suggest that he’s worth a follow. A pretty amazing journalist who is tired of the lack of common sense these days.

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