RIP Walter Becker

I’m very sad to learn that Walter Becker of Steely Dan has passed. That’s yet another monumental talent the music world had lost recently. At 67 years old, he wasn’t young by any stretch, but still was touring with Donald Fagen up until a couple of shows he missed recently, apparently because of his failing health. His collaborations with Fagan in the 70’s were groundbreaking at the time and will always be remembered. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cued up Aja, Katy Lied, Can’t Buy A Thrill, Pretzel Logic, etc. despite the fact that their music was all ahead of my time. RIP Walter Becker. You will be missed.

Amen. It’s The Dan all day on the deck today. I’m so glad I got to see him on one of the last tours.

The (sort of) “joke” with me and the kids is that mom always tended to complain because I put on Steely Dan too much, especially in the summer out on the deck, like today.

So I got us some tickets for the Chicago Theater a few years back, and she grudginly agreed to go with me. Thoughout the show, she kept turning to me and saying stuff like, “I know this one!”…“I didn’t realize they had so may hits”…and so on. She enjoyed it more than me actually, as our seats sucked sonically. But I’m really glad we got to see Walter in action.

Rest in Peace! He’s jamming with Miles. I got a kick out of when an interviewer would ask him, “What’s your favorite album of yours?” (Meaning Steely Dan) and he replied, “Kind of Blue”. : )

Thanks, Beef! I got a kick out of thinking of Walter jamming with Miles. He was one of the geekiest guys I’ve ever seen, I think, and Miles one the most badass. I think I’m going to play a little Aja right now. Man, what an album! If anyone can get a MoFi pressing in decent shape, I’d highly recommend it. Miles better than the ABC version.

Very sad indeed. I had been meaning to catch one of their period shows at the Beacon Theatre in NYC for some time. Guess I blew it. The Dan was on regular rotation through most of my college years. And then some.