Black Friday/Cyber Monday Audiophile deals?

Good morning! Did anyone find great deals on audiophile goods or music during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I didn’t find much and was somewhat disappointed! If you found some deals please share. Thanks

I got an email for a 50% off for anything at Chesky records so I added about a dozen digital albums to my collection.


Rel has a holiday sale on some of their subs. Last until the end of the year.


I did notice that! Some great deals if you need subwoofers! Thanks for sharing!

Roon had a 90-day for $1 sign up special for Black Friday. So I’ve got 90 days to get it to work with my Node and my mobile devices, otherwise I’ll be canceling, since I never listen to music at my computer, where all of its benefits are available.

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I bought lifetime subscription with Nucleus+ I love it. If you use the PC as a core, your tablet should give you full remote control, but your phone, not.

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My core is an iMac. Mobile devices are an iPhone 8 and an iPad.

The iPad should give you the full interface.

Curious: what is missing, in terms of full interface, when accessing Roon via an iPhone?

I use mine all the time, since my iPad is too old to run the Roon app.


There are a few things like play picks is missing, no DSP adjustments only selection of existing presets, no deletion of tracks or albums.

Odd things are missing. And the upcoming version 1.8…well, just get ready to hold on. It would be a good version to belay upgrading for a few weeks or until the dust settles. :wink:

Thank you.

Hi Scott,
Thanks to Brett for his contribution. I will add that editing Album data, updating photos, and looking up album info online is on the tablet only. When using my phone, I don’t readily see the tags of the album being played. Also, ‘discover’ feature is quite restricted on my iPhone. By contrast, on the tablet, I get more info, commentary etc. which for me, is an area where Roon adds real value. Moreover, overview is available just on tablets.

Thanks; good to know what I am missing…

Will have to get a newer iPad into the music room soon, I guess… :slight_smile:


The iPad is the best interface I’ve found for Roon. More displayable info easier to navigate then iPhone.

Bought a couple of really excellent ePlus Cryo power cords from Art Audio at a sweet 35% Black Friday sale price. These cords sound terrific. Deals are still out there as I type, particularly on cables and accessories. I’ve been getting nice unadvertised discounts over the past couple of months just by asking.

For all you guys in the UK seems like Igloo Audio has about 20% off on power plants and some other PS Audio stuff. I got my ATC speakers from them a few years ago, Peter was nice to deal with.

FYI, no affiliation with them I just got their newsletter via email and thought there might be interest as it seems that sale prices overseas are a rarity.