Roon 2.0 Released


I got that email today too. That will make Roon complete. Being able to take the core with you on the road is a really useful item checked off the list.

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Finally… The ability to play your digital collection away from the house!


I installed it tonight along with ARC on my phone. Works great from home. I’ll try it on the road tomorrow. Looking forward to CarPlay integration. It’s not a huge deal for me since I already have access to my library through JRiver/JRemote from anywhere with a cell signal. A negative about ROON 2.0 is an internet connection is required. Wasn’t the case before 2.0. Internet goes out here enough. I can always use JRiver. One, among others, major reason I’m not giving up my beloved JRiver.

I’m so used to Plexamp (PLEX mobile music specific app) I don’t know if I’ll switch or not but I am glad there’s no extra charge for the ARC capability.

Roon Arc has issues here. Not sure I’d enable it even if I could. Scary.

An internet connection has always been required. Approximately every 30 days, no matter what type of license you have, Roon Core checks in with Roon Corp to validate your license.

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It’s different now. It’s always required.


I have been using it for several months now. It’s surprising how resilient playback is while driving. I can’t remember the last time it cut out.

However, if you get a lot of notifications on your phone, every one of them will cause the music to stop and then resume. You can stop this by turning off notifications, but that’s a hassle. There’s a user selectable feature in the backlog that will allow a user to disable alerts while music is playing.

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I haven’t tested disabling the internet. I assumed it needs to be available when using ARC, but not during home use.

Scroll to the bottom. There’s an official response in there not too far up from the bottom. Post 44 & 51. Couple other threads as well.

Ahhh … All new data as of today… Well at least to me. Perhaps it’s buried in the beta forum.

This is going to be interesting to follow.

I am glad we have a second (backup) WAN connection via 5G.

Holding off as I’m not convinced I want to open ports and whatnot.

I mentioned this in the Roon Five thread… not sure I need remote access to EVERYTHING.

Different listening habits when away from the house, too. Podcasts, audiobooks, Radio Paradise, SiriusXM streams… Lots of cool stuff out there. Do I really need access to my ENTIRE CD LIBRARY when walking my dog or staying at a hotel?

Will continue to mull.

EDIT… not that it really matters, but i was in the beta group for about a day. Replied that I wasn’t really interested in testing it out. Wasn’t one of the people who really cared about this.

That’s going to be a fun topic to follow. Danny notoriously has a terrible bedside manner.

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Just in case you’re Roon 2.0 curious. If you enter 0 under settings>Roon ARC for the port, it will close the port opened by Roon arc and disable the feature. Apparently you can go back to 1.8 as well if you don’t like 2.0.

yeah, i heard about the “going back to 1.8” thing…

I suppose if you can close any ports and not really use ARC, then 2.0 isn’t much different than 1.8?

I asked on the roon forum about whether it was possible to test the ports/network BEFORE upgrading, but no responses as of yet.

I think search could be better. If you read comment 51 in the linked discussion regarding internet access. I don’t really know yet.

I noticed the dynamic range of a song and whether Qobuz or Tidal doesn’t appear on individual songs only if you drop down to the album. The preference for Qobuz over Tidal is new.

Like any Roon upgrade there will be bugs to work out.

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