Blown fuse on BHK preamp?


Has anyone blown the fuse on their BHK Preamp? I was moving some equipment today and I must of hit the power cable going to my BHK preamp. I heard a dreaded thud from my subwoofer and then no power to the preamp.

Happened to me once when I was fooling around with cables and accidentally switched the power on and then plugged the power cable back in. with the switch in the on position, which they do warn against.

Thanks Steve!

I bounced the back panel power switch once and took out the fuse.

I’m having a bad day. Had to move my DIrectStream and BHK pre to make room for a new piece coming tomorrow. Blew the fuse (hopefully nothing worse) on the BHK and for some reason the I2S card on the oppo won’t send DSD to the DirectStream.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully all would be resolved quickly and nothing major :crossed_fingers:t3:

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It is never fun when unforseen things happen. A new fuse will take care of the preamp issue. Hopefully you will quickly figure out the DSD issue.

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Thank goodness it was just the fuse. I was considering trying the Synergistic Research Orange fuse so my little mistake made that decision easier! Lee from is sending me a new I2S board hopefully that will solve that issue!

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Be happy you did not have that high priced fuse in there when this happened. Be aware those fuses may be very close in their tolerance to over current. This would make them easier to take out!

The big issue is the power cord was not appropriate for the BHK and that’s my bad. I have to focus more an be careful around expensive components.

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My BHK pre blew a SR Black a couple years ago by using the P10 to turn off at the outlet. Needless to say I stopped using the P10 to power down devices.

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Hi Brett,
So is it safer to leave all outputs of the regenerator on all the time and power the devices using their own remote controls?

Hi Serhan,

I suspect I had a marginal SR Black fuse but have no way to be sure. It was 2nd hand so not so big a loss. I replaced it with a Blue and it’s been great for ~2 years or so.

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