Bose sues Beats

To no great surprise, Bose is embroiled in litigation again, this time claiming Beats has infringed on its noise cancelling patents.

Dr. Bose’s spirit lives on!

Yes. The same company that took Consumer Reports all the way to the US Supreme Court (on a technical issue) in a defamation case after the former gave the Bose 901’s a bad review. Bose lost but the expense drove Consumer Reports out of that end of the business. To cite just one example. Apple, which bought beats, is not one to shy away from litigation, however. Should be interesting.

Yes, the irony is delicious. Bose and Apple deserve each other, two bullies in a boxing ring.

Apple loves to sue those whom it claims infringed its intellectual property and does so with expressions of righteous indignation. It will be amusing to see how Apple responds to the Bose lawsuit and what public statements it makes when it is on the other side of the v.