PS Audio the new Bose?

I was watching Zero Fidelity channel tonight. Someone commented that PS Audio is the new Bose, and Shawn agreed. I don’t get it; what am I missing?

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Everyone has an opinion. I actually think Bose is a good company, and their products are good for what they are designed for. PS Audio is a different type of company than Bose. Products are far more advanced.


“far more advanced”…? That is a big statement @netspecht-2

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Compare products lines. Pretty obvious to me. What voltage is the Bose Waveradio reporting this morning?


Oke… You asked for it…

What voltage is your PP20 giving you this morning…? Hahaha… No you can’t tell can ya… Cuz you have to “reset” it first…

124V in 120V out

Mine’s bigger… :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Hmm, I wonder in what respect? Sound signature, popularity, or design philosophies? Certainly an odd one, and I’m not certain I agree, but to each their own I guess.


Bose has a reputation, hopefully based on fact, for which they spend more on Marketing than Research and Development.

PS Audio does a lot of grassroots marketing. Then again they have and continue to develop a lot of new products.


Darn digital meters. I like analog better.


Shawn is a nice guy, but I stopped watching him long ago.
I find the pace of his speech tiresome. And I found his claim that the P20 he tested reduced dynamics made no sense to me and I just drifted away. (Steve Guttenberg makes the same claim but I still find his reviews and discussions useful and enjoyable)


This thread should morph into “post a picture of your fave Bose product and metering device”. :stuck_out_tongue:


You must be in CA cause your meter shows nothing…


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True that. My electric bill last year was -$92 for the year. Solar PV rocks.

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In a live Stream last week, he stated his distaste for PS Audio products based on the fact that he has to pay shipping (and maybe because they wouldn’t let him keep the Sprout - not sure on the latter). A lot of folks don’t like his attitude or Darko for that matter. I’m not one of them. I don’t agree with 90% of Sean’s smug comments (he admits this) or at least 80% of Darko’s opinions but I still watch their channels to be entertained (and upset - but I don’t troll the comments section). Not a fan of Guttenburg either but still watch him purely for the entertainment factor (or lack therof).

Paul’s I enjoy not because I’m posting this on the PSA forums, but he does give us insights into what is good, bad, snake oil, and just plain whacky. Ya, I don’t agree with him either on a lot of stuff, but I do follow his YouTube video’s for over three years now. Drank the Kool Aid, enjoyed it, traded some of it not because I didn’t like it, but like a lot of Audiophiles, my needs changed.

I have only once ever made a purchase due to a YouTube reviewers positive review. It was Currawong and his Koss ESP-95X. I bought it, and was extremely satisfied and agreed with his comments. And said so in the comments sections. Got a thank you back as well. Now, it’s not a perfect E-Stat. The exciter box leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t have a lot of gain to be quite honest. I’d ripped out all the orange Vishay audio path Capacitors and replaced them with SoniCaps I had laying around from the old Bose Analog EQ I was playing with last year. That help the sound signature, but was not where I wanted it audibly. Then I got the Koss Hybrid (FET in/Tube out) Amplifier off of eBay and voila’, Audiophile bliss (to me anyways) at a fraction of the cost.

That was my fist ever Tube purchase which led to me going to The Music Room and trading in 3x M700’s and a S300 for a Balanced Audio Technology VK50-SE (with the remote) all tube Preamplifier. All XLR’s on the back panel, built like Tank, and between it and the Transformer output of the DirectStream Sr. DAC. I don’t miss Vinyl at all !

Currently my KEF 105/3’s are driven with a Orchard Audio STARKRIMSON Amplifier (300W @ 40ohms) on the Upper Bass/Midrange/Tweeter section and the 8" Coupled Cavity Woofers have a 1000W (also @ 4ohms) ICE Amplifier that I bought at Parts Express.

I’m happy.


I heard the same about regenerators from folks with extreme setups (didn’t try it myself recently anymore).

The idea of explanation seems to be that extreme ultra-short dynamic peaks exceed nominal,values of amps and limits of regenerators (or surely even more filters) by quite a margin and those don’t seem to blow fuses otherwise. May be rubbish, I can’t tell, but the claim is not uncommon.

What is common and probably valid for most setups is, that a regenerator usually improves dynamics in case of an otherwise untreated and inferior house power supply.

So what PS Audio stuff do you (still) have…?

DirectStream DAC Sr. A friend lent me a Denefrips Terminator and at times I didn’t know which DAC I was listening to. But in the end, I still prefer Ted’s DAC (I’m biased of course). The Denefrips being an all Chinese affair and no 30 day money back or any service/support here in North America means it’s a no go even if I could afford it. The DSSr. also has a lot more flexibility and convenience (Denefrips has no remote, volume control, or digital display).

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If PS Audio were the new Bose, I would then suggest McIntosh would be the mother of all Boses

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