Bridge does not work with Qobuz

Hi all,

I recently encountered some issues with Qobuz through the bridge. It used to work perfectly. I am using Buble Upnp as controler. I thought the issue came from an update of their software so I tested mconnect and It has the same problem.
Basically, I can search within the Qobuz library and select an album but it does not start.
I can play my music from my Nas so issue is really with Qobuz.
I tested all fomat, MP3, Flac 44, Flac 192. All the same.

Anybody encountered the same issue?



Is it because you are already logged into Qubez on another device?

no it is not

As @ronaldwanders said, this is not the problem. Only one device is connected at the same time.

Seems to be a network error : 501 Not Implemented

Try and completely power off everything in the system all the way back to the router and power it all back up again starting at the router. That usually does the trick.

A restart of the network is on a bad idea. Also, I’d try a quick power cycle of the DAC too.

I tested power cycle twice and it did not worked. I doubted about it as the other devices connected to the same network are working well and also because the bridge can read music from my NAS on the network.
@jamesh, what do you mean by powere cycle of the dac? I restarted it twice also (from the on/off button in the back).

Check your Qobuz subscription in Bubble, assume you’re using Bubble playing local files from NAS to Bridge? When selected does Qobuz play with Bubble on the control point device itself?

You’re right, power cycle with the rear switch. When you try to play something with the Mconnect app, does it come up with any message saying it couldn’t play, or does it look like it’s playing but no audio?

You might try deleting the app from your phone or tablet and reinstalling it too.

Nothing is working so far. And today, I have a new issue. The dac does not start. The front panel keep blinking. Not really sure what is happening. I’ll contact PS audio support to investigate.