DirectStream DAC and Bridge problem

Hi all, I followed the procedure described in the help guide for enabling Qobuz via the bridge of the DSDac but as obvious as it seems it doesn’t work. First is first: Mac mini and DSDac are hooked to the same ethernet switch. The switch catch the internet connection from the power sock in the wall via a repeater (my house is old and this is the best I can do): both are on line. Then I downloaded the Mconnect control app and try to find the in the “play to” the DSDac and… it’s not there. Any suggestions? Regards Max

If you go into the network setting in the DSD, does it look like the Bridge is pulling an IP address?

Yes. It does. I can see the correct IP of the router.

Have you rebooted everything in the system? Also, double check that both the DAC and the Bridge have the latest version of firmware.

Yes everything is up to date and the system has been restored several times.

Though our service guys really try to recommend against using, some are able to make it work. I know it doesn’t do any good, but just for a test, any chance you could try hooking up the DAC directly to the router and then see if your phone is able to see it with the MConnect app? This would help to narrow down whether it’s a network problem or a DSD/Bridge problem.

I tris to hook it to the router directly and the situation is the same. I can see under Groups PS Audio (0) and under device my phone. That’s all. Same as with the other connection.

Make sure you’re using the MConnect control app. There are a few different MConnect apps which makes it a little confusing.

It’s the right app. It doesn’t work at all.

OK, at this point, I’d recommend giving our tech support guys a buzz. They will likely know how it’s able to be seen on your network, but other devices don’t see it.

If you get a solution from tech support, please share it, because I also have bridge 2 disappearing issues.

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Even as a Roon end point?

I’ll do that.

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I do not have Room, I use JRiver, but I wanted to link the Streamer with Qobuz. Anyhow I’ll give it a try.

I was talking to Philippe. But anyway, in the past, I had IP address issues with DHCP in my home network that caused some of my audio gear to disappear for no reason. I assigned fixed IP addresses to each piece of my audio gear, and went into the settings of my DHCP server ((in my case, it is the fiber optic router) and added Google DNS. I put for primary DNS, and for secondary DNS. Things do not disappear frequently now. This is my own experience which may not apply to others.

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Yes even with Roon. Maybe I should try what you did, but I am not very savvy with networks, and I rarely use the bridge. It’s only useful to me as a second queue of music.

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I’ll assign a fixed IP to the PS hoping that this trick won’t cause any confusion on my network (I’m not savvy too). If this does not work I’ll give up.

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@Phil @alfa71omega
I wish you both good luck. Roon Nucleus+ too, could not be seen on my network until I changed the DNS address, and assigned it a fixed IP address. I still recall the feeling :hot_face:

Using the bridge over the USB does it improve the sound quality, nuances, details? If no, I’ll give up and stay on the USB. I thought that the bridge could be equal to I2S connection but that’s my personal idea. I think more useful to link the streamer to the computer via the I2S rather than becoming mad fixing all this issues.

If you have a decent noiseless USB source and a decent USB cable, it will outperform LAN streaming via Bridge II. In my experience and my system, sound quality of inputs in descending order: I2S, AES & USB are quite close, RCA, Bridge II. I have not used optical with this DAC yet.
Removing Bridge II from DS DAC, somehow improves ambience and air around instruments on all other inputs. My advice, stop looking at DOP, DSD, bit rate, sample rate etc. Listen to the music, and if you like it, then it is your sound. Enjoy it!