Recent interrupted play using Qobuz, Mconnect Control app, the ConversDigital hardware on the Bridge II

Since August 2019, I’ve used a PS DirectStream DAC/Bridge II to stream Qobuz (24 bit, Studio quality) to my audio system, with a direct wired connection. This has given flawless streaming performance and stellar audio playback, that is until recently, i.e., the last 3-4 days. Now, I start playing a Qobuz album and the playback often abruptly stops, and then continues on the next track. The interrupted playback appears to be random, as when I repeatedly play the same track, I get different results: sometimes no interrupted play, and at other times the playback stops but at a different point in the track. I’ve tried this on several albums, including ones that I listened to previously that gave uninterrupted playback in the past, and they too have the same playback issues.

I assume this problem is intermittent and probably either at the ConversDigital or Qobuz servers or software, and wonder if anyone else is experiencing similar playback issues of late? Just a note: I have no problems when listening to Qobuz on my computer, so I wondering if the Mconnect Control app is chiefly to blame?

Curious to hear from others, and thanks for any input.


It appears to be a Qobuz issue and not with all recordings. Last night I was listening to Qobuz via Roon and on a couple albums the song would stop mid track and skip straight into the next track. My DS DAC does not have a bridge installed. It has not happened today yet at all so may have been a small glitch in the Qobuz system.

Track skipping is a serious issue with the 1.7 release of Roon. Over on the Roon forum, we’re trying to discern where the problem lies, along with the usual fuming and ranting that comes along with it. (Guilty.)

It could be Qobuz-based, but it’s also happening with Tidal and library tracks, so far as I can tell. But this issue definitely popped up for many people with the 1.7 release.

AFAIK, the issues may or may not be the new Roon software (might have been Qobuz or Tidal service issues). But my Roon Radio playing was a bit skippy for much of yesterday afternoon and I am on 1.7. With others reporting problems, I have to wonder about a new bug. This is an example of the value of this forum. I would have chalked the recent issues up to my internet service, Tidal or Qobuz, but for this thread; since I don’t spend much time on the Roon forum.

Same here: Qobuz issue, mostly likely. I’ve been listening to Qobuz this morning, and no interruptions or stops mid-track.

Seeing as most if not all global info moves by satellite it could be / have been weather or solar flare related. :thinking:

Had same issue yesterday using Roon 1.7.

Mmm, no, the vast majority of data traverses the globe via ocean floor fiber. Lots of it!

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Indeed, which is why, for example, transatlantic calls stopped being rubbish and echoey a few years ago:)

I didnt know that. I thought that satellites came into play somewhere along the way.

Only if you’re unlucky. The latency to geostationary orbit and back to Earth is 240ms at the equator, longer as you get farther from the equator…jitter is a serious problem in addition to the latency.

You are right. My son has Hughes satellite internet as no wired service is available and he cant play the shootem up games that he likes as you are already dead before you see the bad guy on the other end.

For the last two days (started November 23rd) I too have been suffering Qobuz intermittent track skipping around 30-40 seconds into some tracks. Was really frequent yesterday. Less frequent today. I will contact Qobuz helpdesk to see what they have to say about it.
I stream Qobuz controlled by MConnect on iPad via Ethernet wire from router to Bridge 2 Directstream

By the way, according to what I saw recently on NASA’s daily photo app, there have been no solar flares this year, as we are in the quiet part of the cycle.