Mconnect Issue

I am currently using Both Bubble UPnP and MConnect on my android and MConnect HD on the iPad

Bubble UPnP works well streaming from Dropbox to My DSD with Bridge II, the issue with Bubble is is doesn’t control volume.

MConnect on both iPad and Android does not sort tracks correctly, I have selected sort by track but it is still sorted randomly.

Is anyone else having this issue if so have you figured out the fix for it?


Roon or Audirvana+. You need to utilize a solution that circumvents Mconnnect (the most pitifull excuse for a developed software implimentaion).

Thanks Jeff

I am trying out Audirvana+ so far it sounds excellent.

I am using the A+ app on the iPAD.and I am having an issue with selecting tracks, it typically will skip one track, so for example if I select track one of an album it will start playing track 2. i will experiment more tomorrow .


Your A+ issue is a known bug with the Bridge. You will probably find that it also skips an extra track or two when you click Next Track.

As to Bubble and the volume control, you need to go to settings and choose “Device volume” IIRC. Then the volume slider controls the gain at the DSD.

Thanks i got bubble volume working, any idea when A+ might fix the skipping issue?

cheers magicknow

I noticed the skipping when I first tried A+ with the Bridge, around a year ago. The author seems to have lumped the issue in with other difficulties, blaming them on the Bridge, not his code.
Only the most recent Bridge firmware update seems to work with A+ at all.

I was having trouble with MConnect on my i-phone with it having difficulty buffering an album when 1st switched on. Switched to 8Player Pro and have no problems. This was only an issue when mobile at the gym as I don’t need either for home use as my AURALiC Aries G1 uses Lightening DS.

So its sounds like it is unlikely this will ever be fixed, Have you found or heard of any upcoming Android or iOS control software for Audirvana?

They already have one for iOS called Remote App. It works great and has a much more modern looking interface compared to the desktop software. I really like the Remote app. I’m not sure if also available for Android.

Thanks Jeff I don’t see anything on the App store called Remote App all I find is A+ which is the app they list under the remote tab on the website. This is the App I purchased for $9.99 that has the issue running with Bridge II

Is what you are referring to something different if so can you give me another clue as to how to find it?

That is it. I knew it was “Remote” but didn’t realize it had the A+ in front of it in the App Store.

As I mentioned before, I no longer use the Bridge so I cannot speak to the issue you are having. It works great with my Oppo UDP-205 as the end point.