Bridge II vs. Bryston BDP2

Hi folks

I am thinking about adding a BridgeII to the mix.

I currently use a Bryston BDP as my streamer, connected via AES to PSA Perfect Wave DAC. I am happy with the symmetry between them, but wondering whether the BridgeII would be more aligned or consistent with PSA designs, and whether this would translate into SQ improvements.

The BDP/PWD combo has been absolutely solid without any glitches. Mind you, I’ve only had the PWD for a few months…and plan to upgrade to the Sr. later on.

Does anyone have experience running Bryston’s Digital Player into PSA DAC’s vs. BridgeII?

Much thanks!

Howdy Sully,

Has your BDP been letting you down in any particular area? Anything about it that you’re less than enthused about? Upgrading to the Sr. would be a bigger improvement, so I’d sooner keep the BDP and go for the DSD upgrade were I in your shoes.

hey Schroedster, thanks for reply. i love the Bryston Digital Player…but am curious how the Bridge II stacks up.

I am definitely upgrading to the Sr. in a few months - just trying to decide whether to ditch the BDP and get the Bridge II… But with Bridge III coming out later this year…I’m leaning towards keeping the BDP, and get the the Sr. sans Bridge.

have you heard both in the same system?


I have a BDP-1 via AES/EBU and Bridge 2 (DSJ). It’s pretty darn close.

cool. how would you characterize any differences? or is it too close to call?


I think it’s too really close to call. If you have a good working BDP-2, I would save my money and grab the NOT YET RELEASED New DSJ (it’s being phased out and reintroduced due to a part shortage) or a DS Sr. Once TSS DAC is available for sale, my guess is some DS Srs will become available in the used market at a very fair price.

My advice. Stand pat and enjoy what you have.

thanks net. a DSD Sr. is coming my way regardless! but i don’t think the Bridge will be joining the party :slight_smile:

That’s a good call, since Bridge 2 will be replaced by Bridge 3 (Octave) in the foreseeable future.