Bridge II: eLyrics doesn't work

I have just got my Bridge II today in Melbourne…

I have been using Laptop I3 crossover to Bridge I with perfect result, eLyrics of WAV streaming (I love eLyrics sound and interface) and jRiver of DSD ISO. The only issue is DSD ISO non gapless, and I hope Bridge II could improve SQ besides gapless.

After installation I set Bridge II static IP, crossover connection as before. It felt the computer was under stress working hard to operate jRiver streaming, but it’s working no problem. Then I switch to eLyrics but it doesn’t work, it hung for a while then stopped. Does it mean eLyrics can’t stream to Bridge II?

It’s my experience for one hour, hope to get other forumers opinion, experience and suggestion please…I really like to stream WAV through eLyrics…

Bridge II is a UPnP based program as is eLyric - so it should work, though I haven’t tried it.


I can tell you that the eLyric control point does work with B2. I still use it sometimes – I’ve never found a better CP for iOS, although BubbleUPnP on Android is the real winner, IMO.

I never used the eLyric music manager (server) piece, although as Paul says it’s UPnP so it should work. I’m not sure how the fact that you are connecting the computer directly, rather than through a network switch, may affect things.

If you can’t get it going, try MinimServer. I’m not sure whether your files are stored as WAV or transcoded on the fly. MinimServer can do the latter–I use FLAC files for the metadata and find that I get a little better sound if Minim transcodes them to WAV before shipping them off to the Bridge. (Minim plays native WAV files too, of course). It’s donationware, so you can try it for free. It also gives you much more control over how your tags are displayed than other servers.


Elyric needs to see the Bridge as the renderer.

It might not connect if JR is open on the same laptop.

Try rebooting the laptop and DO NOT start JR. Then check your Elyric settings and driver to make sure all is kosher.

It has been a long time since I have used it.

Thx Magister for the reply, actually my set up is bit different I guess which is all because Bridge I network streaming not working properly at all unfortunately.

I use crossover Ethernet from Windows 7 Laptop to DS Bridge I, my music in external HDD plugged in Windows 7 laptop, to make DS and Laptop in the same network. eLyrics as server and control point to play WAV, also jRiver as server and control point to play DSD ISO on Laptop. It worked perfectly with Bridge I.

If I want to keep the same crossover Ethernet, not sure how to set up with MinimServer?

Thx Gorgon, I did reboot the laptop and ran eLyrics without JR. eLyrics saw and show Bridge II, it just couldn’t play any track.

I might try it later today…

jazzbug said If I want to keep the same crossover Ethernet, not sure how to set up with MinimServer?
You install MinimServer on the laptop and tell it to look on the attached HDD for the music files. The control point on your iDevice should locate Minim as it would any other server. I have never used a direct ethernet connection (crossover cable) so I'm not sure whether doing so would cause any problems -- I don't think so but I could be wrong! If necessary, you could try a standard ethernet connection (computer to network switch, switch to Bridge).

Another option would be foobar2000. It’s a bit tweaky to set up, but it can play ISO files so you would not need two different servers. You can play directly from the computer via USB, or install a couple of additional components and use it as a UPnP server feeding the Bridge. (I know for sure that foobar plays ISO files via USB; not certain whether it can do so via UPnP. Maybe someone here can confirm that.)

I finally tried network streaming, it worked perfectly once JR found Bridge II, eLyrics was still bit problem to play the music.

I have to say I love the SQ of Bridge II, it’s less edge and WAV sounds closer to DSD at my setting now. I think I love it, coz its stable network streaming which is what I expected from Bridge I, with better SQ, thanks